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From CRNA to CEO Income from Home

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

From CRNA to CEO

Income from Home


From “Full Time CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) to CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Income From Home” is my short story on how I went through 17 years of college, earning 4 degrees, so I could make a lot of money while having a life, ONLY to find that making a lot of money is worthless if you hate your life! Yes, I went to college for 17 years. I grew up thinking, like 95% of people, that I had to go to college each time I wanted to advance in my career or in my income.

Why Go to College?

Why Go to College?

Why do people go to college? To learn how to do something that will make them an income so they can afford to live, right?

College is becoming more and more expensive and the job market is becoming more and more saturated. As the poor economy is creating lay offs, downsizing, or whatever businesses need to call it to be able to get rid of people so they can stay in business themselves, more and more people are losing their jobs, retirement plans and futures.

No matter where you work or what degree you have, there is no such thing as a “secure” career or “secure” job or a “secure” future. The best way to create your best future is to NOT rely on your JOB, your failing retirement plan, your failing government’s social plans, or anything else that you have no control over.

I was over $400,000 in debt when I graduated with my 4th degree and started working as a CRNA in January of 2007. That is an absolutely pitiful place to be in and I know of nobody who has been that far in debt myself and has become debt free or financial free by working at a JOB, even if they worked 40 plus hours a week for years.


How I Went From Full Time CRNA

(Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist)

to CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Income from Home

From CRNA to CEO Income from Home

From CRNA to CEO Income from Home

In 2012 I found out that I could learn from actual millionaires how to become a millionaire myself WITHOUT going back to school, WITHOUT going further into debt, WITHOUT having to go study and take tests, and WITHOUT even having to leave my home. An hour a day and I have learned way more than I did when I was in college for 17 years.

I now work part time in anesthesia only because I have an incredible consulting business that I enjoy. I “work” about an hour a day on my “supplemental” income, that will soon be more than I make as a CRNA, and my future, that will be filled with time and money to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want!

If you are happy with your job then you are blessed. If you are happy with your income then you are blessed.

If you would like an extra income from home that will turn out to be more than you can make working 40 plus hours a week for someone else, that requires less than an hour a day, and that you can do in your spare time at home, then I will SHOW you exactly how you can do that quickly!

Go to and watch my other personal video about how joining with me on our team will help you surround yourself with people who are doing everything to help people just like you create unlimited income from home. Finally, instead of staying stuck in a rut living paycheck to paycheck and not being able to afford the time or money to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, you now have a choice.

Create Financial Freedom

Create Financial Freedom

After you watch the video, then take action, and get started by joining our team. You will open your world to an unlimited potential that you can find nowhere else.

Stop struggling to advance up the corporate ladder to find that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. Stop trying to work up the corporate ladder when all you are going to do is have to work harder and more hours the further up the ladder you try to climb.

Stop surrounding yourself with people who are trying to hold you back from your true unlimited potential and abundance that is available to you. When you are surrounded by happy, fun, empowering people, who want you to succeed even more than you think you can right now, you will succeed at creating the income and lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Take My Story of Struggles from Full Time CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) to CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Income from Home and Create Your CEO Income From Home WITHOUT the struggles I had to go through to get where I am today.


From CRNA to CEO Income from Home

From CRNA to CEO Income from Home

What would your life be like if you had to put only one hour a day of effort into creating a $10K, $20K, or more, MONTHLY income? What would your life be like making over $10K a month working only 20 hours A MONTH, not 40 hours a week or more?

You can create the income and lifestyle you desire and I will prove it to you when you join our team. I have the few proven steps that I use, and that you can use yourself, to create an incredible income from home.

I am here to help people create their best future for themselves and for their family so they do not have to rely on a job, a failing retirement plan or their failing government to bail them out of debt or paycheck to paycheck living. The choice is up to you whether you continue doing what you are doing and hope things get better or whether you take the first step towards your best future.


From CRNA to CEO Income from Home

From CRNA to CEO Income from Home


Work From Home Business Success – How To Achieve It?

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Work From Home Business Success –

How To Achieve It?

Work from home business success is something that millions of people, who are working too hard for too little money, would love.  Still, while perhaps millions people dream about it every day, very few of us are going to really do something to make that success a reality.

Frequently you will have to choose between trying to establish your own business company, in whatever field you want, or to begin with, an affiliate home based business.  Most people do not have the mindset to get started immediately with their own company with products and services so they turn to promoting an affiliate program and do very well.

Every enterprise requires a lot of work, before you can enjoy any success in it, no matter the approach you choose.  Then again, to run a usual business model calls for a great deal more of your time, effort and investment capital and furthermore caries larger amount of risk involved.

In case that you do not have a new concept that can be successfully marketed, you are going to have to confront many competitors. Should you succeed, the prize can be worth your time and the effort but if you fail you could end up losing everything.

You are advertising products that are already made, you do not need to manufacture your product. High quality products with good reputation will certainly attract customers much quicker than the products that are new and unknown.  This cuts down the time and money to getting started on your way to work from home business success.

If something goes wrong and your new business fails, as most of them do, your source of income has ended.  If you however work from home as an affiliate marketer those kinds of risks are almost non existent as there are hundreds of programs to choose from to market as an affiliate.

You do not have to be concerned on how the business is performing in general, as long as it works well for you. And should the affiliate program you are promoting suddenly crash or close down, you just change some text and links and change to a different one.

Work From Home Business Success –

How To Achieve It as an Affiliate Marketer

Work From Home Business Success

Work From Home Business Success

Marketing Your Business

Advertising is important fragment of every business. You should have a budget sufficient enough to hire an expert or set up a marketing campaign by yourself.

If you choose to work from home at affiliate marketing, the advertising is all that will be required from you.  Most product or service owners provide advertising material for free because it is in their best interest to help you out.

Business Knowledge and Information

You will need help and guidance when running a business.  This is going to drive more costs for you. Having a business is difficult no matter how you slice it.  But, if you want to work for yourself, why not choose an option in which the majority of the hard work is done for you already. This allows you to pay more attention to vital segments of your business, earning profits, improving your affiliate marketing business and enjoying work from home business success.

Learn more about Work from Home Business Success. Stop by Jerry Vinson’s site where you can find out all about Internet Marketing Systems Training and what it can do for you.

Work from Home Business Success

Work from Home Business Success

Starting a Simple Work From Home Business

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Starting a Simple

Work From Home Business


There are more and more people getting involved in the work from home business industry every day. 98% of home based business owners are struggling because the home business industry is a whole new playing field from what they are use to doing every day.

Below are a few steps which you must follow closely in order to “start a simple work from home business”. This list is just a few of the critical things that are required to assure that you have a better chance than the 98% that are already struggling to create a significant income from home.

5 Steps on How to Start a Simple

Work From Home Business

First step – Goal Setting.

How much money do you desire to make every month?  How much time do you have every day or week to work hard on your business? What are you going to do with your desired income?

You must always write down your goals, review your goals daily, and stay focused, no matter how many negative people you come across when you are speaking to potential customers or business associates.

Second step – Education.

Study the company, main players, products or services, compensation plan, and everything else that goes along with the company you joined. With the knowledge gained, you will be able to answer any questions about the home business you have chosen to represent as an independent business owner.

Third Step – Marketing and Business Building Skills.

Besides knowing everything you can find about your company, you need to equip yourself with the marketing skills, so you will be able to market you home business effectively. Knowing how to market with the least amount of time and expense is critical for most as most start out in the home business industry with little time or money to create success.

For most, marketing and business building is a whole new world. Most people are use to working for someone else, getting a paycheck every week, two weeks, or once a month for the work that they put forth when they clock in somewhere. What do most people know about offline and online marketing and business building? Probably nothing!

Marketing and business building is a critical step in starting a successful work from home business. No customers equals no sales or no new business associates. Too many days or months without customers or business associates equals you quitting your home business because of lack of income, lack of determination, lack of motivation, and pure frustration.

Your Own Successful Marketing Sales Funnel

Your Own Successful Marketing Sales Funnel

Most companies lack the marketing and business building training to help you succeed. If your company does not have this training, then find a mentor that can help you take the necessary daily or weekly steps to help you create success in your home business.

Even successful home business builders started out with nothing and used a mentor when they startes their journey, so you, too, need a mentor. Your mentor should be able to show you the way and what they did to make them successful, then create a plan for you according to your desires.

Fourth step – Commitment.

Tell yourself now that you will do whatever it takes to start a simple work from home business. Commit to yourself that you will create your desired income and lifestyle by following a proven step-by-step marketing and business building plan associated with the company you chose to represent.

Fifth Step – Support

Support is something you will need when you are in a demoralizing situation, and mentors should have the support you need, as they understand what you are going through. You also need to be of support to those that join you in your business, and help your new business associates get through the tougher times, just as you did.

By taking action based on these few steps, you are setting yourself up for success and a way to the top of your company and even the work from home industry.

There you have it, steps on how to start a

simple work from home business.

Would you like a mentor with a simple, affordable, duplicable, viral blog marketing strategy to help you start a successful work from home business? Read more work from home business success articles.

How to Start a Simple Work from Home Business

How to Start a Simple Work from Home Business

Affordable Small Business Blog Marketing Plan

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Are you familiar with blogging and using a blog as your central hub for sharing valuable information, branding yourself as an expert, and generating sales or new business associates? Have you tried to set up a blog but ran into too many difficulties, expenses, or frustrations? Do you have a blog but do not have an affordable blog marketing plan to get your valuable information out to others?

Blogging is a vital part of your business success. Blogging is simply writing an article, or even creating a video, posting it on a website that you control, and sharing it with people with similar interests that need your information to improve their lives.

It does not matter what information you have to share, or what product, business or services you have to promote. Using a blog is the most affordable and effective way of marketing what you have to offer, if you have an affordable blog marketing plan.

Blogging can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive, if you do not know what you are doing. It takes time to put together all the steps of creating a highly targeted niche blog, and continuing to add information on a daily basis, then market that information on the internet, unless you have an affordable blog marketing plan in place.

How do you create a blog, how do you add content to your blog, and how do you market the content on your blog? These steps can be time consuming and costly, and may not even generate the kind of traffic from the kind of people you are looking to attract, if you do not have an affordable blog marketing plan in place.

An affordable blog marketing plan consists of having a blog that is ranked very high on the major search engines so people will find your keywords or niche and read your content, then opt-in on your blog site for more information about what you have to share. It also takes a commitment from you to write an article or create a video on a daily basis and market this information to article sites, video sites, social media sites, etc.

If you would like to take ALL the stress, struggle, cost, frustration, and time out of having to create your own blog, host your own blog, add plug-ins and widgets, create opt-in forms and e-mail auto-responders, then having to market your content yourself and pray that enough people see your information, you might want to use an affordable blog marketing plan that has created highly targeted traffic, incredibly targeted leads, and a very nice monthly residual income for hundreds of entrepreneurs already. You can have every part of your blog set up for you, and ALL the marketing of your content done for you, for only $25 a month! If you do this yourself, it will cost you hundreds of dollars a month, hours of unwanted stress and struggle, to have even close to the same results as you can with a blog created by internet marketing professionals within minutes of becoming a member of this affordable blog marketing plan.

Go to affordable blog marketing plan and opt-in with your e-mail address to watch a 23 minute video that will explain exactly how this plan can help you with your business immediately! You can also go to internet marketing system blog articles to read more about using marketing systems to generate leads and business for your business building success.

Start Your Work from Home Business with Great Success

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Have you joined a work from home business but don’t know how to build it the right way? Are you struggling to generate leads, internet market, find potential business partners, close sales, or even lead your team?

98% of work at home business owners have the same problems in their business so don’t feel alone in this at all. Most people that start a work from home business have no idea what it is like to make money from home, start a business, use effective and efficient marketing systems, lead a team to build their business, and the list goes on.

What you, and the 98% of work from home business owners need, is a system with proven 7-figure income earners that have a step by step process to help you create success the most affordable and effective way possible. You need a group of inner circle experts who come together to share their best marketing and business building and leadership techniques you can start using immediately.

Thanks to two incredible leaders in the marketing and business building and network marketing industry, you can now have access to the experts, who are top income earners in their own work from home businesses.  They do not even mention their primary businesses!  These experts, along with inner circle interviews of other top income earners, want to share their own proven leadership skills, marketing skills, and business building training to get you started immediately making money, no matter what primary business you are passionate about.

What would you pay to go to a conference with industry leaders to help you with step by step training and mentoring? What would you pay if you wanted one-on-one access to these mentors and leaders for 15 minutes to 90 minutes at a time? What would you pay if they helped you create over $10,000 a month from your own work from home business?  You know this would cost you thousands of dollars and you would probably not even use half the stuff you were shown in a one weekend or even week long conference.

How serious are you about building your business, becoming a leader, and helping your team create huge duplicable success as well?  Are you serious enough to pay $25, yes only $25, a month for access to the top industry leaders, and their complete system for leadership training, and a fully automated sales and marketing system already put together for you?  All the step by step training on recorded video, and all the leadership development and master marketing calls recorded for you to watch or listen to 24/7.  All this for as little as $25 a month!

Discover this Empower Marketing and Sales System  where you can get started for only $25 a month and create the income and life you desire and deserve, and help your work from home business team do the same!  This is how the top income earners started and built their work from home businesses the right way and this is how you can, too!! A step by step system that anyone, with any background or experience can duplicate and become truly successful both personally and financially!

Get off your bum, go get your purse or wallet, then go to the Empower Marketing and Sales System to watch the video and get started for only $25 a month!! If you do not do this YOU are passing up an incredible program that is completely designed to help you and your team create huge success! Read more internet marketing systems articles to help you create your own success from your work from home business.