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Running A Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System That Is Profitable

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Running A Turnkey Automated

Blog Marketing System That Is Profitable


Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

There is tremendous long term value to investing in a turnkey automated blog marketing system. A huge variety of sites are available for immediate purchase and they are ready to earn money right away. One of the most exciting features is that they are virtually maintenance free and even someone with no technical background can still make money using one.
The blogs are fully operational and loaded with great content. Content is really key to getting a good ranking with the search engines. Human generated content must be available and give visitors exactly what they are looking for. New content is automatically uploaded to each site, which encourages visitors to keep coming back and also to recommend the site to their friends and on line acquaintances.

Blogs are available for every possible interest. Most people like to purchase one in a field they are already familiar with. For example, mothers with children may be interested in parenting sites. Others may look for cooking, gardening or travel interests. One particularly popular niche is home based businesses. There is so much interest in this field that it offers amazing returns on a very small investment.


How Running A Turnkey Automated

Blog Marketing System That Is Profitable


Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

A turnkey system has many advantages. One of the most important features is that it comes ready made and full of content. Excellent content is an essential factor and will help to generate more visitors. The relevant and valuable affiliate links will also be embedded so that the site can generate money immediately. Even better is that the new owner does not need to have any technical knowledge or background. Everything is maintained and monitored automatically.

Home based businesses have been popular for many years. However they typically involve a lot of work. Many of the down sides are the need to stock inventory, take orders, make deliveries and spend time with customers. The new blogs have none of these downfalls. They eliminate all the time consuming factors and just retain the affiliate links that provide a constant source of income.

The package deals include one year of free hosting and unlimited domains, disc space and bandwidth. At the end of the first year the renewal fee is very reasonable. Links to big name companies like Amazon and Google are very profitable and require no additional work.

Internet based businesses are one of the best ways to make extra income. Many people are actively searching for a home based business, especially one that can generate significant amounts of money with minimal amounts of time. A turnkey automated blog marketing system provides the perfect opportunity for anyone, even those who are already busy with family and other commitments.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about turnkey automated blog marketing system with the help of interesting articles that are published on our website. For more info on how to create traffic capture leads and make sales, check out all the details right now!

Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

Definitions of Turnkey Marketing System and Turnkey Business

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Definitions of Turnkey Marketing System

and Turnkey Business

Turnkey Marketing System

Turnkey Marketing System

Have you ever wondered what people are talking about when they say they have a “turnkey” marketing system or turnkey business?  Well, I did, so I looked up the term “turnkey” and applied the definitions to the use of marketing systems, websites, and business, to help you look for marketing systems and/or businesses for your online marketing and business building success.

Turnkey: Of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use. (

Turnkey refers to something that is ready for immediate use, generally used in the sale or supply of goods or services. (

Turnkey: built, supplied, or installed complete and ready to operate (

Turnkey: Supplied, installed, or purchased in a condition ready for immediate use, occupation, or operation (

The term turnkey is also often used in the technology industry, most commonly to describe pre-built computer “packages” in which everything needed to perform a certain type of task (e.g. audio editing) is put together by the supplier and sold as a bundle. (

Turnkey website: A website with a ready-made solutions and some configurations is called a turnkey website. (

Unfortunately, many online marketers and business builders use the term “turnkey” even though they really do not have a turnkey marketing system or business.  If you have tried to use a turnkey marketing system or business without success of your own, then you might already know what I mean.


Applying the Definitions of

Turnkey Marketing System and Turnkey Business


Turnkey Marketing System

Turnkey Marketing System

What should a turnkey marketing system and turnkey business consist of and how can a turnkey marketing system and turnkey business help assure you can succeed?

With a true turnkey marketing system and turnkey business you should have the exact same chance of success as anyone else, no matter your age, experience, educational background, etc.  If a marketing system or business is truly “turnkey” you, or anybody else, should be able to apply the same steps that a so-called “guru” applies and achieve the same results.

A minimum of 80%, more like 95%, of entrepreneurs, do not succeed in marketing, lead generation, prospecting and business building because they do not have a true turnkey marketing system or turnkey business. 

A true turnkey marketing system and true turnkey business has everything you need to succeed.

This includes:

**  being AFFORDABLE to everyone to use

**  proven steps of internet marketing that

generates highly targeted visitors to your business

**  a high converting capture page and websites that

      convert highly targeted visitors into leads.

**  a highly informational and highly converting

sales video that does ALL the telling and selling for you.

**  a proven sales funnel that anyone can use to duplicate success

**  creating enough upfront commissions and residual income to

allow entrepreneurs to make a real living

**  NOT requiring hundreds or thousands of business associates

      to make a real income from home

**  NOT requiring so much time to create success that

you don’t have a life.


Now it’s time to put the Definitions of

Turnkey Marketing System and Turnkey Business Into Action

for YOUR marketing and business building success


Discover a true turnkey marketing system that is affordable, generates highly targeted leads, converts these leads into customers and business associates, and helps you with your marketing and business building success.  Greatly decrease the attrition rate in your team with this turnkey marketing system.


Turnkey Marketing System

Turn Marketing System



Tired of Paying for False Hopes of the Latest and Greatest Internet Marketing Tools

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Tired of Paying for False Hopes of

the Latest and Greatest

Internet Marketing Tools


Stop Paying for False Hope

I just woke up and checked my e-mail to find yet another hyped up e-mail giving readers of that e-mail absolute FALSE HOPE. Every day you probably come across an e-mail with very appealing titles and a stories of false hope.

The one I came across this morning states in the title “Turn $25 into over $25,000”. Really? First off, how could someone even be able to sleep at night saying something like that to struggling people wanting to better their lives. Then, take it a step further to go on to give their story about how quickly they made this $25,000 from $25.

How about this headline I read in a forum this morning that states “High School Drop Out Makes $64,000 in 60 Days”. Really? Did this really take 60 days, or was this from a new product they were selling to a list of THOUSANDS of followers he or she had created over YEARS of marketing? Yes, he or she could have been a high school drop out, BUT this could have been 30 years ago!

Less than 1% of internet marketers make more than $100 a week. Yet, every day I receive an e-mail, like most people, from someone who says they can help me make tens of thousands of dollars in 90 days?

Stop Paying for False Hopes

Stop Paying for False Hopes

People who CAN make big money so fast with the “latest and greatest” internet marketing tip, tool, or training, do so because they have been in internet marketing and business building for YEARS and simply blast e-mails to their lists of THOUSANDS of followers they have created. Their followers, who unfortunately trust these “gurus”, buy the “latest and greatest” anything that can make them money because they are given a FALSE HOPE from those who are selling their own FALSE success stories.


Tired of Paying for False Hopes of

the Latest and Greatest Internet Marketing Tools


Everyone in internet marketing starts out the same, unless they already have followers from offline adventures. It takes time and consistent daily effort to generate traffic, leads, lists of followers, and income. That is the fact and the fact should be known.

Less than 1% make over $100 a week from internet marketing AND less than 5% make thousands of dollars a month. That is the fact.

The average affiliate marketing salary is around $5,000 a year. This of course is virtually no money but it’s the truth because so many people are struggling to make money online. Even with the super affiliate’s salaries, this figure is still accurate.

The reason most affiliates fail is because they think, from all the FALSE HOPE STORIES they have read and heard, it’s easy to make money in this business. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The harsh reality is that making money online is tough, and you have to be on your grind 24/7 in order to make some real income from your efforts.

STOP Paying for False Hopes

I hope that you have not fallen for these FALSE hope stories before reading this article. I fell for the FALSE HOPE stories plenty of times over a 4 year period of time.

For 4 years I continued purchasing the “latest and greatest” affiliate marketing tips, tools, trainings, etc. because I trusted that the people selling these hopes and dreams really could help me duplicate their results so I could get out of debt, quit my job, spend more time with family and friends, and have a life.

The problem I had is that I could not put any of it together to make it work for me, while providing REAL value to others. I guess I am just not a FAKE person trying to give FALSE HOPE to those I truly want to help?

Watch this video I created myself to SEE how I, Jerry Vinson, a REAL PERSON with a REAL STORY, created a plan called “Proven Steps to $10K a Month” that 100%, not 1%, of people can follow to achieve duplicated results at their own pace. I show you weekly updates and HOW I achieved the updated results.

NO MORE FALSE HOPES of creating $10K in 90 days or less. These are REAL steps you can take and help others do the same. As I write this article, I created almost $2,000 in the last 30 days. This is more than 95% of internet marketers make already and I’ve only put together this plan on August 16th, 2012.

Taking these PROVEN Steps to $10K a Month, the plan will create my first $10K month by May, 2013. This will be a total of 9 months, not 90 Days as the stories FULL OF FALSE HOPE try to tell you.


No More Being Tired of Paying for False Hopes of

the Latest and Greatest Internet Marketing Tools


STOP Paying for False Hopes

I GUARANTEE YOU that you can trust me AND that I will do EVERYTHING to help you EVERY STEP of the way at YOUR pace, AND create duplicated results yourself with this turnkey plan.

What are you waiting for…STOP Paying for False Hopes and Go watch the “Proven Steps to $10 a Month” and SEE how you can follow these proven steps to YOUR success!