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The Secrets Behind “Attraction Marketing” VS The Other 98% Who Fail in Online Business

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

“The Secrets Behind Attraction Marketing”
The Other 98% Who Fail in Online Business

What I am about to share with you is what I learned that helped me go from struggling to even generate highly targeted converting leads to now being in the top 10 of ALL Magnetic Sponsoring Affiliates, which has been around since 2006.  What you will learn is simple, yet will make ALL the difference between you being successful or failing like the rest of the 98% who struggle daily.

Use this information for

ANY business, product or service and

YOU will get to the leader boards

in YOUR company!

Free Magnetic Sponsoring Training

Free Magnetic Sponsoring Training

True Story!  One of the biggest mistakes I see made by well-meaning, though ignorant, networkers is the attempt to write, create, and
place advertisements without any real training.

I just created a short free Google Hangout video training on how to share your business, product or service in facebook groups
and generate endless free leads WITHOUT spamming people.
In this short video I share the difference between real “attraction marketing” vs spamming and how you can generate endless leads and customers and sales using one free facebook technique.

What I show you in this video is how I can go into any facebook group and see post after post after post, all the spamming and crap that people post about how much money they make, or how their business, product or service is the best thing since sliced bread.

KNOWING THAT the Direct Sales Association (DSA) reported that 90% of internet marketers and MLMers don’t even make $100 a week, I know that people who post how much money they can help you make are mostly,(accept about 2% of business owners), full of SPAM and I would not trust them for nothing!

Here’s the pitiful part… In one group with over 18,000 members, I scrolled through a number of pages of posts and only noticed ONE post that did a good enough post that I might actually click on what this lady has to offer, because she created a little value before sharing the actual link that you can click on to learn more. The rest: Post, after post, after post, of wasted time, potential, and possibly money.

Unless you know EXACTLY what you’re doing, DO NOT place your posts in facebook groups, or you are wasting your time and may get banned from facebook.  I am even starting to see where people are posting that they just got back on facebook because their account was suspended for a few weeks.

The one and ONLY goal of your advertising is to
elicit a direct action from the reader
which allows you to capture their contact information.


FREE 7 Day Video Series

FREE 7 Day Video Series

Period.  Your post prompts them to call an 800 number, or sends them to a website where they can leave their contact information in exchange for something of value. (You have to give them a VERY good reason to leave their info – Or they won’t).

A generic free report or informative video of some kind works best to provide enough PURE VALUE that people want to know more, I use Elite Marketing Pro Informative Video or the Magnetic Sponsoring Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, as an incredibly VALUE PACKED training that truly shows people how to generate leads and sales for ANY business, product or service.

Then, and only then, do people decide whether or not to go further with the Elite Marketing Pro or Magnetic Sponsoring training and use them as upfront VALUE PACKED information to generate ENDLESS leads and sales for their business, product or service.

So….Whether you send them to a website or 800 number, those tools have ONE PURPOSE: To capture that information. Not to sell them on your business. Not to tell them about your company. Just capture their information.

The Magnetic Sponsoring System is
a web of marketing tools that are all connected and
was the foundation to what is today
called “attraction marketing”.

There is:

1: The sales letter page.
2: The Free Boot Camp Capture Page
3: The Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter.
4: The MLM Traffic Formula capture page.
5: Google and banner ads.
6: The FREE 7 day Magnetic Sponsoring Course itself.

Each of these items are connected. They all point back to each other in a circle without
an exit door to off-topic information.


Magnetic Sponsoring Free

Magnetic Sponsoring Free “Attraction Marketing” Training

This is key:

The fact that I am educating through every tool.  I am not hiding the information. I am giving it away, along with the opportunity to learn even more.  People would not be able to see the value of the product or system if I kept everything behind an
order page.

Why it is important to have so many options?

Because once a person finds something that could solve their problems, they want to dive in and learn as much as possible. With a variety of tools, they can see it, hear it, feel it, and take ownership of it. And each of these items points back and reaffirms the original message: “Buy Magnetic Sponsoring because it can help you!” 

NO PITCHING, NO SPAM….Providing PURE VALUE and attracting people to you because you are helping them…how difficult is that? 

This is what has helped me, and the other 2% or less, make a 4 and 5-figure monthly income WITHOUT shoving SPAM down your throat.

I sure hope this gives you an idea of how to provide PURE VALUE in order to “attract” people to you instead of make them run away
from you like you stink of SPAM!

P.S.  Using the Elite Marketing Pro Video and the 7 Day Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp, I now generate FREE leads EVERY DAY and enjoy upfront funded proposal commissions and residual income, while helping others improve their success in
promoting their primary business, product or service! 
Start using the same PURE VALUE attraction marketing training to help you build your business and help others on your team DUPLICATE YOUR SUCCESS so they don’t jump from your business to another!

Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring “Attraction Marketing” Training

It’s A Great Choice To Learn How To Blog

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
If you want to learn how to blog the empower network resource can help. Many people have discovered there is a tremendous amount of earning potential in this field. Beginners often need to rely on a trial and error method for success. A better option is some of the many training and tools that can provide you with the intimate knowledge that blogging requires.

Blogging skills are something that needs to be learned. This training can help to increase the efficiency and earning power of any blogger. Many sights teach marketing and other skills, and these are designed to provide easy access for beginners to learn all that is required.

Lots of people have heard about blogging, and they’re interested in trying their hands in this field. A beginner can experience a tremendous amount of frustration in their efforts. This can also represent a lot of wasted time, and for this reason, it can be a great idea to learn from the pros.

There is a ton of money in this field, and this is one reason to learn all that there is to know. The better the quality of any product, the more successful it will be. Experts can quickly teach all the tricks of this trade. This can help a beginner ease their way into this market.

Professionals are readily available to help teach everything to know about blogging. Tools are another item that can help to achieve the success that you’re looking for. These can be an excellent way to learn the success of this art. These tools can prevent many of the frustrations that ordinarily accompany beginner’s attempts.

These tools and training tips can be found throughout the web. The empower network resource is a great way to find all of the things that can ensure the success of any beginner. These will easily show a beginner the easiest way to ensure the success of their first blogging campaign.

If you want to learn how to blog the empower network resource can help. This sight can offer many tools to help beginners have a successful blogging page. Tips and techniques are also discussed, and this can be a great way to take advantage of the knowledge that has already been gained by the pros. Many beginners routinely get frustrated when they’re first trying this field. They waste a lot of time, but an experienced sight can help to minimize these delays.

When you want to boost your online business revenues, check out the Empower Viral Blog Marketing System. Take advantage of the tips and techniques featured on the best internet marketing system training blog.

Find How To Blog Effectively With Internet Marketing Training

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Some people love writing and make a living out of it. They are very successful and bring a lot of money in, that helps each month. Learning how to blog will certainly help to make more money or support your income. However, it’s important to understand the process of blogging first. Websites like Empower Network, have everything needed to make money from blogging. The only other requirements, is someone that is prepared to work hard.

There are blogs that are more influential than others and attract more people. Some of the best blogs focus on a specific niche. They attract visitors who are interested in that niche. The Empower Network allows people to write about anything that interests them and make profit. It will teach people how to use keywords and search engine optimization.

Some people have a lot of questions about Empower Network and wonder if they will ever make money from it. However, a look at other successful writers allows people to see how successful this website is. This website is different from others because it teaches people everything they need. Furthermore, it provides the resources and tools that a person will need to start making money, from day one. Unlike other businesses, you don’t need capital to get started.

By attracting visitors to your website, you’ll make money. In fact, the more visitors that visit your blogging site, the more money you’ll make. This is the way that the Empower Network works. It works immediately as soon as you start posting content. Blogging can be great fun and people make friends through blogging.

Empower Network is one of the best internet marketing systems available. It includes everything you need to know and use, to make money. This fantastic website makes marketing easy. Anyone can learn how to use this system and start making money quickly and easily.

If you have the dedication and motivation to succeed, then you’ll be able to make the most out of this opportunity. While this is not a get rich quick scheme, with time and work anyone can make a profit from this website. If you are a hard worker then, you’ll make more money.

Read tips, advice and suggestions that will teach you how to blog. If writing is your passion, then this is definitely the right website. It’s possible to write a blog about anything as long as there are people interested in it. Strangely, the most bizarre topics seem to do the best.

Learn the simple steps and techniques to use the Empower Viral Blog Marketing system to build a more successful and thriving business! When you are searching for the best Internet marketing system training blog, you can find it quickly and easily!

Blogging Success For Dummies, Part 2

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Blogging Success For Dummies, Part 2


Hello, again, internet entrepreneurs!

I created a video and article a few days ago called “Blogging Success for Dummies” to help people, that were in the same boat as I was just a few years ago, start blogging and creating unlimited leads and success from home, like I do now!

If you did not see the first video, go to Blogging Success For Dummies and watch the video and read the article to see what a blog is, how to use a blog to make a lot of money, and how to have your very own blog created for you for only $25!

Then, come back to this article and the Blogging For Dummies Part 2 video and see me take you inside the Empower Network Viral Blogging System to show you how YOU can use this system to create unlimited leads and success and income from home with as little as 25 minutes a day!  This video will show you exactly how to blog, write an article, generate leads for your business, product or service, and even use the Empower Network as an affiliate program with 100% commissions!

The Empower Network Viral Blogging System will have you creating articles and videos that rank on the top pages of Google within a few days, generating traffic and leads wherever you chose to send your potential customers or business associates, and creating the income you desire, no matter how much time you have or what business, product or service you are promoting.

You are 3 steps, or about 25 – 30 minutes, a day from creating a $5,000 or more RESIDUAL monthly income from home in as little as 90 days and I  show you EXACTLY how that works in the video above! 

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right” – Henry Ford.  Join this system for only $25 a month, and you will be shown EXACTLY how YOU CAN create the income you desire while still having a life and not having to work 40 plus a hours a week for butt heads that don’t care about you or your family, or rely on YOUR government that could care less about you or your family.

Join our TEAM and we will make it happen for you, too!  If you have any questions, call or e-mail me anytime, at (903) 253-7210 or  I am passionate about helping people STOP STRUGGLING and START CREATING success on their own terms and I can help you, too!

If you have not seen the first video in this series, go to my first video at “Blogging Success For Dummies” and see why you need a blog and how you can have your own blog immediately for only $25. If you want to learn more, go to the Empower Viral Blog Marketing System, watch the 23 minute video, then get started making money TODAY!

Blogging Success For Dummies

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Blogging Success For Dummies

Watch the Above Video, or Click on the “Blogging Success For Dummies” Link Above to download the recorded 30 minute webinar on the importance of having a blog and how you can have a blog set up for you while also having all of your blog contents marketed for you!

Have you heard that you can use a blog to share your business, product, or service and make easy money working from home?  Have you tried to figure out how to create your own blog?  Have you ran into a lot of stress and struggle, and lack of time and money, that is preventing you from creating your own blog?

If you are struggling to create your own blog, you are not alone!  Many entrepreneurs and business builders have tried to create a blog but did not get anywhere but stressed out and frustrated!

Blogging, using “Attraction Marketing” principles, is vital to your lead generation and business building success!  “Attraction Marketing” explains how you must create content to provide huge value to potential customers and potential business associates in order to attract them to you instead of anyone else on the internet.

You must stand out among thousands of others that are promoting the same business, products, or services that you are promoting.  You must be the expert in your area of interest so people will come to you for the business, product, or service you are promoting.  In order to become the expert in a given area, it is VITAL that you know what “Attraction Marketing” principles are, and how they work, so you know what kind of content to post to your blog in order to create huge followings and money making success!

Having your own blog is how you create the valuable “attraction marketing” content as an expert for others to watch or read on your topic of interest.  Use a blog to have customers and business seekers wanting to buy from you and join you in your business.  People do not join business, they join people.  People do not buy from people they do not trust.

You can now have your very own blog created for you and have all the marketing of your blog content done for you, by real experts!  No more struggling to create your own blog, no more having to worry about hosting your own blog, no more having to market your content to all the video websites or social media websites or article websites, and no more stressing out about creating enough daily content on your individual blog in order to generate a lot of traffic to your websites.

You can now use a simple and affordable viral blog marketing system to add content to your very own blog that is created and hosted for you, and have your content marketed for you from a highly ranked blogging system by internet marketing experts.  You will have your articles and videos ranking on Google’s top pages within days of posting, as this viral blogging system does all the marketing for you by experts that know how to get on Google’s top page rankings fast.

Go to Empower Viral Blog Marketing System to watch the 23 minute video, then join me and OUR TEAM to start creating traffic and sales, for YOUR success, immediately!  Go see the second video in this “Blogging Success For Dummies Series”.  Go to best internet marketing system training blog to discover more articles for YOUR lead generation and business building success!


Affordable Small Business Blog Marketing Plan

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Are you familiar with blogging and using a blog as your central hub for sharing valuable information, branding yourself as an expert, and generating sales or new business associates? Have you tried to set up a blog but ran into too many difficulties, expenses, or frustrations? Do you have a blog but do not have an affordable blog marketing plan to get your valuable information out to others?

Blogging is a vital part of your business success. Blogging is simply writing an article, or even creating a video, posting it on a website that you control, and sharing it with people with similar interests that need your information to improve their lives.

It does not matter what information you have to share, or what product, business or services you have to promote. Using a blog is the most affordable and effective way of marketing what you have to offer, if you have an affordable blog marketing plan.

Blogging can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive, if you do not know what you are doing. It takes time to put together all the steps of creating a highly targeted niche blog, and continuing to add information on a daily basis, then market that information on the internet, unless you have an affordable blog marketing plan in place.

How do you create a blog, how do you add content to your blog, and how do you market the content on your blog? These steps can be time consuming and costly, and may not even generate the kind of traffic from the kind of people you are looking to attract, if you do not have an affordable blog marketing plan in place.

An affordable blog marketing plan consists of having a blog that is ranked very high on the major search engines so people will find your keywords or niche and read your content, then opt-in on your blog site for more information about what you have to share. It also takes a commitment from you to write an article or create a video on a daily basis and market this information to article sites, video sites, social media sites, etc.

If you would like to take ALL the stress, struggle, cost, frustration, and time out of having to create your own blog, host your own blog, add plug-ins and widgets, create opt-in forms and e-mail auto-responders, then having to market your content yourself and pray that enough people see your information, you might want to use an affordable blog marketing plan that has created highly targeted traffic, incredibly targeted leads, and a very nice monthly residual income for hundreds of entrepreneurs already. You can have every part of your blog set up for you, and ALL the marketing of your content done for you, for only $25 a month! If you do this yourself, it will cost you hundreds of dollars a month, hours of unwanted stress and struggle, to have even close to the same results as you can with a blog created by internet marketing professionals within minutes of becoming a member of this affordable blog marketing plan.

Go to affordable blog marketing plan and opt-in with your e-mail address to watch a 23 minute video that will explain exactly how this plan can help you with your business immediately! You can also go to internet marketing system blog articles to read more about using marketing systems to generate leads and business for your business building success.

The Perfect Marketing and Sales Funnel for YOUR Business

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

How have you been doing in your home business?  Are you generating the leads and sales required to create a $10,000 per month income?  What are you doing to generate highly targeted leads and new business associates for your home business?

Most people don’t even know what is needed to create the PERFECT Sales Funnel for their business. The main problem is that most companies don’t provide the sales funnels and training to help their associates duplicate real success like the leaders of their company that they promote!

What exactly is needed to create the PERFECT sales funnel, you ask?  Great question!

First, you must have a system that is so easy to set up that ANYONE, at ANY AGE, with ANY amount of computer skills, with ANY background, can set up the system within a few minutes. All you should need is to add your name and primary contact information, along with a link or two to your primary business website and be done.

Second, the system must do the telling and selling for you so you can have free time speaking with people to develop real relationships, and not just trying to explain your business all day every day to only a few people at a time.  Who has time to talk to more than a few people if it takes 30 minutes per call to try to explain something over the phone and answer all the questions?

Third, the system must have step-by-step training on videos so a new member can see and hear what they need to do on a few easily duplicable offline and online marketing strategies. Members should have at least a few marketing strategies to choose from and be able to implement these strategies themselves to create similar results as the top producers in their industry.  There are too many systems out there that have top income producers doing more than what they are sharing with members and therefore, the members are not creating the same results.  NOT cool!

Fourth, the system needs to be affordable AND be able to create income for sharing the system with others.  Members of the system should be able to afford the system, then be able to share the system with their down-line so the system is paid for after a few members start using the system for themselves.  This way, everyone is able to use the system, duplicate success, and create a nice income for everyone, regardless of what primary business is being promoted in the system.

The top earners use systems to generate leads, follow up with potential business partners and build businesses like professionals, and you can, too!  Using a marketing and sales system will change the way you do business and greatly improve your success as a home business owner!

If you would like to use a simple, affordable, duplicable, marketing and sales system for you and your team, while also generating $600 – $1,000 per member that uses the system, go watch the Perfect Business Marketing and Sales System Webinar and call me as soon as you are done!   Read more Internet Marketing System Articles for your business building success!

Online Lead Generation Through “Attraction Marketing”

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Online lead generation is the name of the game for building your business on the internet.  The more traffic you drive to your websites, the more chance you have of more people leaving their information in order to receive more information from you.

There are many tools, training videos, e-books, courses, and systems on the internet that can be used to help you learn how to generate leads.

The best way that I have found to generate targeted leads to my websites is through “attraction marketing”.  Most people that are trying to build their businesses or sale stuff on the internet do so by directing people straight to their web sales pages expecting total strangers to trust them enough to buy from them right away.  This is why 95% of business builders fail!

“Attraction marketing” is the skill set of learning how to provide true value to customers and develop a relationship with customers before you send them to your website and expect them to join your opportunity or purchase a product or service with you.

There are many steps involved in “attraction marketing” that are not difficult to follow if you have the tools, training, and support to learn how to build an “attraction marketing” funnel.

If you would like to learn from the “attraction marketing” guru himself, Mike Dillard, Mike has a number of tools, courses and training videos that will take you step-by-step through how to set up your “attraction marketing” funnel so you can provide valuable information, build valuable relationships, and become a huge success at providing products or services that customers can purchase from a trusted source, you!

See how a 20-something year old kid (Mike Dillard!) went from waiting tables, to 7-figures in less than 18 months.  As Mike Dillard puts it, “I created a strategy called the MLM Traffic Formula that let me produce endless free leads, and instant cash for my business, anytime I wanted”.

Another internet marketing guru is Ann Sieg.  Ann Sieg understands that “Most distributors are more confused than ever about how to build their business online”.  Therefore, Ann Sieg just developed a “groundbreaking” new FREE business report called The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto that will be the single most important piece of information you read in 2009.

I struggled for 19 years before I turned to the internet to learn how to market my opportunities. Even when I turned to the internet, I struggled putting all the overwhelming information to use.  My goal is to provide other business builders with the valuable information I have found over months of research I have done on internet marketing.

The more you learn about ways to generate leads online, the more you will succeed and help others be able to do the same!

Here to help you succeed!

Jerry Vinson

Online lead generation through “Attraction Marketing” is the skill set used by top income producers earning 5-6 figure monthly incomes. Go to the best internet marketing system tips, tools and training and sign up for FREE, NO OBLIGATION, information on how these internet marketing systems can help you build any business by generating HUNDREDS of leads a month and a 5-6 figure monthly income.