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Overcome Internet Marketing and Business Building Overwhelm Confusion and Frustration

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Overcome Internet Marketing and

Business Building

Overwhelm Confusion and Frustration

To overcome confusion, overwhelm and frustration in internet marketing and business building YOU MUST have these 8 steps in your internet marketing and business plan.  Without these 8 steps you will fail or any of your success will be short lived.

The Biggest Problem in Trying to

Overcome Internet Marketing and Business Building

Overwhelm Confusion and Frustration

Yet, if you try to create these 8 steps in your internet marketing and business plan by yourself, you may create overwhelm, confusion and frustration trying to learn what it takes to apply the steps.  To create the 8 steps requires training for each step and there are too many tips, tools, and trainings on the internet.

This is the exact problem I ran into when I started learning how to internet market in 2008.  So many tips, tools, and trainings that I paid close to $100,000 over a 4 year period of time and all it lead me to was the confusion, overwhelm and frustration 99% of internet marketers and business builders are facing today.

Overcome Internet Marketing and Business Building Confusion

Overcome Internet Marketing and Business Building Confusion

If you are looking for a serious, honest, leader to help you overcome these painful internet marketing and business building struggles, at the end of the webinar, I provide THE Solution that FINALLY helped me overcome my confusion, overwhelm and frustration, after 4 years, thousands of hours and close to $100,000 in marketing and business building tips, tools and trainings that didn’t work.

As you can see in the webinar above, I have a passion to help you overcome confusion, overwhelm and frustration!   Nobody needs to go through what I went through, and what most people are going through today.  It is time that people start telling the truth, sharing what it takes to become successful on the internet and sharing PROVEN steps that anybody can use to duplicate success.

How to Overcome Internet Marketing and Business Building

Overwhelm Confusion and Frustration

Take the time to watch the webinar above and take the time to watch the recorded webinar I created called “Money Making Gems From a 6-Figure MONTHLY Income Earner” and take great notes.  If you need help applying any of this valuable knowledge, you can see how I applied this knowledge to create the “4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month” that helped me FINALLY get to my first $10K Month in 5 months of starting these steps!


4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month

4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month

Money Making Gems from a 6-Figure Monthly Online Income Earner

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Money Making Gems from a 6-Figure

Monthly Online Income Earner

These “Money Getting Gems” from a 6-Figure MONTHLY income earner will help you succeed at internet marketing, lead generation, business building and duplication of your success!  These gems will help you overcome overwhelm, confusion and frustration in internet marketing and business building of any kind.

Apply these gems and you will see HUGE success UNLIKE 99.9% of the people on the internet trying to pitch the “latest and greatest” garbage.  Enjoy the webinar, take great notes, apply the knowledge and make it a great year!


The Greatest Problem to Applying These

Money Making Gems from a 6-Figure

Monthly Online Income Earner

The number one problem most people have with internet marketing and business building is overwhelm, confusion and frustration.  It is not that people do not have time or money to create success on the internet, they simply need guidance from successful people who have a PROVEN plan that can provide value and help duplicate success.

As you can see in the video, I truly have a passion to help YOU STOP struggling, STOP being overwhelmed, STOP being confused and STOP being frustrated, like I was for 4 years!  Don’t spend any more of your hard earned time and money on garbage that does not work and from people who do not have your best interest in mind.


A Proven Plan I Use to Apply the Money Making Gems

from a 6-Figure Monthly Online Income Earner

If you need a proven plan to apply these “money making gems” you can go to and watch the video that shows you how I went from almost bankrupt, in January of 2012, to enjoying life a year later. 

4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month

4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month


Proven Affordable Marketing and Sales System For Your Business Success

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Are you tired of all the marketing tips, tools and trainings that seem to send you in multiple directions and keep you feeling constantly overwhelmed?  Are you tired of wasting a lot of time and money going in unproductive circles with nothing to show for all the time and money you have spent trying to put a lead generation system together for your business building success?

When I first started in internet marketing, in August of 2008, I was told time and time, again, that branding myself was very important to set myself apart from everyone else on the internet who is trying to share products, businesses or services.  I was blessed to find a system to help me step-by-step, to set up a blog, set up hosting, add plug-ins and SEO targeting, and create an opt-in box for my auto-responder account.  But, this took time, money and overcoming my ignorance of doing things I had never done before.

What if you could have a system that is already set up for you with a WordPress blog and all the marketing done for you to succeed from home for only $25 a month?  Have you ever wanted to set up your own blog so you could write articles and ad videos to market yourself and your products or business or service so you can brand yourself?  There is finally a system that does all this for you!

With this system you will have a blog created for you and the marketing of your blog will be done for you.  All you have to do is go to your membership blog and write an article or post a video without having to host your blog, set your WordPress blog up yourself, or having to add in plug-ins for marketing and SEO targeting your blog.  This is all done for you as part of the $25 a month membership!

Are you ready to STOP STRUGGLING  and gain access to ONE system with ALL the training in leadership, lead generation, business building and home income success?   Stop struggling with multiple systems, trainings and tips and start using one system with experts that want nothing more than your complete personal and financial success and provide you 100% commissions and residual income by using the system and sharing the system with your team.  You will have all this while building your primary business and your team and become a leader like the top income earners in your company.

Discover the proven automated internet marketing and business building system designed to help you brand yourself, become a leader, generate potential business partners and generate a 5-figure monthly residual income from the 100% commissions you will earn.  Read more internet marketing system articles to help you create internet marketing  and business building business!

Why You Need A System To Create Business Building Success

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Are you struggling at building your business? Are you tired of spending countless hours and money trying to learn how to market your business, generate highly targeted leads, do all the telling and selling of your business, keep in contact with potential business partners, and even try to help your organization create success as well?  How much time and money do you have to build your business?

Did you know that the top 1 or 2% in the home business industry are successful only because they use proven marketing and selling systems?  These systems take all the time, money and frustration out of doing all the internet marketing learning, generating of leads, telling and selling of potential business partners, and all the training for their new business partners.  How do you think the top 1 or 2% have the time and ability to run a down-line with hundreds of people?  They use systems!

What is a S.Y.S.T.E.M. and why do you need one to create your own business building success?S.Y.S.T.E.M. can be thought of as Saving You Stress, Time, Energy, and Money!  A S.Y.S.T.E.M. saves you stress, time, energy and money because a good system is very affordable, has all the step-by-step marketing training with videos that  you will ever need to discover many simple ways to market online and offline,  does all the telling and selling for you, and is so simple that a caveman can use it to duplicate your success!

All you should have to do as a business owner, and successful business builder, is follow a few proven steps to generate potential business partners, invite them to a webinar that does all the telling and selling, have potential business partners call you at your designated time, then send your new business partner to your website to join your business.  You should not have to do any of the time-consuming, hard to duplicate , telling or selling of your business, or any of the time consuming, hard to duplicate, marketing training for your team members.  Training tends to take way too much time and patience, and it keeps you from being able to follow up with new potential business partners and help your current business partners build a huge business.

You need a system to create business building success so you can build your business, enjoy the income, and help others be able to do the same without too much stress, time, energy or money!   Stop struggling and wasting all your time and money on techniques that will not work to build your business.

Discover one simple, affordable, automated business building S.Y.S.T.E.M. that will help you become a top income earner in your business!  Read more internet marketing system articles and discover more about marketing and business building success.


Tired of Business Lead Generation Struggles?

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Are you tired of struggling to find highly targeted leads for your business product or service?  Is it taking way too much time and money to try to generate leads for your business? Would you like to be part of the 10% of home business owners that do more than try to break even every month on new business partners or sales? How are you creating highly targeted leads for your success?

Most businesses do not have adequate training and techniques for building a business or locating highly targeted leads for the business, service or products they promote.  You might have the greatest product or service in the world, with the greatest prices or compensation plan in the world, but none of that matters if you cannot locate people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Another huge hurdle that gets in the way for most entrepreneurs is the need  to follow up with whatever leads are generated.  How do you create the highly critical relationship with a potential business partner or customer on the internet?

In order to generate the most success from your leads you must be able to follow up, provide knowledge in your area of expertise that they cannot find anywhere else, stay in contact with these people, and develop a real relationship with these potential business partners or customers.  People do not join businesses, they join people.  People do not just buy from anyone on the internet anymore, they shop for the best prices and most often the most trusted resources to purchase what they are looking for on the internet.

Would you like to have success without having to spend hours a day calling, telling, selling and closing?  What you need, in order to become more successful while creating more time for yourself, is one very affordable system with everything needed to generate highly qualified leads, follow ups, develop relationships with potential business partners or customers, and do the time-consuming explaining of what you have to offer.

Go to this automated lead generation system and opt in to watch the video that will explain how your life will get much easier as you automatically generate highly qualified leads and build your business, or generate customers, like a professional.  Read more Internet Marketing System articles to help you create huge success!

Personal and Financial Success “Secrets” Needed to “Turn Your Desires Into Gold”

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Another priceless lesson from my mentor of 10 years is the story of the magic formula of Andrew Carnegie that he used to achieve millions of dollars.

Andrew Carnegie’s secret was a magic formula that will help you achieve any goal provided your desire is strong enough.

There are no limitations in your mind except those that you acknowledge and accept personally.

The dominating dream in your life can become reality if you have the burning desire and definiteness of purpose, followed by planning a definite way to accomplish your goals and take persistent and consistent daily action.

Six Steps to Turning the Desire for Riches Into The Real Financial Equivalent

1) Fix the exact amount of money that you desire.

2) Determine exactly what you plan to give to get the money that you desire.

3) Establish a definite date of obtaining this money that you desire.

4) Create a definite plan to carry out this desired income and begin at once putting this plan into action.

5) Write out a clear statement with the amount of money you intent to acquire, the time limit and what you plan to do to get this money and describe clearly the plan in which to intend to accumulate this money.

6) Read your written statement out loud twice a day and see, feel and believe yourself already in possession of the money you desire. Read once when you wake up and once before you go to sleep. As you read, see and feel believe yourself already in possession of this money. This is where a burning true desire will give you the ability to convince yourself that you will acquire this money by your given time.

Andrew Carnegie made these very principles yield him a fortune of more than 100 million dollars in his lifetime. Today that would be equivalent to billions of dollars and he started in the mines as a worker when he started his 6 steps to wealth.

Thomas Edison actually stated that these six steps can be applied to achieve any and every goal you wish to achieve. Provided your desire, faith, belief and dreams are strong enough, and you never quit on your dreams, you can turn any of your desires into gold!

All who have accumulated great fortunes started dreaming, hoping, wishing, desiring and planning before they ever acquired that wealth. You must have a white heat of desire and believe in all of your heart to achieve great wealth.

If you read any success stories of the truly successful, you will see that these successful people started with a dream and a desire to have more in life. They started off with failures or stumbling blocks but with their burning desire, they did not acknowledge or accept limitations or failure.

Belief plus burning desire can turn a dream into reality with proper planning and consistent and persistent action.

Learn more Personal and Financial Success “Secrets” that can change your life forever IF you learn them and apply them to your daily life! To learn more on how to turn your desires into gold, or to achieve success in any area of your life, visit my long time mentor and coach, Tom Danley, and let him coach and mentor you to become successful in every area of your life. Go to Tom Danley’s “Message” of the Month” to get the phone number and time of his FREE nightly conference calls and to sign up to become a member of his monthly audio training program.

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Online Lead Generation Through “Attraction Marketing”

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Online lead generation is the name of the game for building your business on the internet.  The more traffic you drive to your websites, the more chance you have of more people leaving their information in order to receive more information from you.

There are many tools, training videos, e-books, courses, and systems on the internet that can be used to help you learn how to generate leads.

The best way that I have found to generate targeted leads to my websites is through “attraction marketing”.  Most people that are trying to build their businesses or sale stuff on the internet do so by directing people straight to their web sales pages expecting total strangers to trust them enough to buy from them right away.  This is why 95% of business builders fail!

“Attraction marketing” is the skill set of learning how to provide true value to customers and develop a relationship with customers before you send them to your website and expect them to join your opportunity or purchase a product or service with you.

There are many steps involved in “attraction marketing” that are not difficult to follow if you have the tools, training, and support to learn how to build an “attraction marketing” funnel.

If you would like to learn from the “attraction marketing” guru himself, Mike Dillard, Mike has a number of tools, courses and training videos that will take you step-by-step through how to set up your “attraction marketing” funnel so you can provide valuable information, build valuable relationships, and become a huge success at providing products or services that customers can purchase from a trusted source, you!

See how a 20-something year old kid (Mike Dillard!) went from waiting tables, to 7-figures in less than 18 months.  As Mike Dillard puts it, “I created a strategy called the MLM Traffic Formula that let me produce endless free leads, and instant cash for my business, anytime I wanted”.

Another internet marketing guru is Ann Sieg.  Ann Sieg understands that “Most distributors are more confused than ever about how to build their business online”.  Therefore, Ann Sieg just developed a “groundbreaking” new FREE business report called The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto that will be the single most important piece of information you read in 2009.

I struggled for 19 years before I turned to the internet to learn how to market my opportunities. Even when I turned to the internet, I struggled putting all the overwhelming information to use.  My goal is to provide other business builders with the valuable information I have found over months of research I have done on internet marketing.

The more you learn about ways to generate leads online, the more you will succeed and help others be able to do the same!

Here to help you succeed!

Jerry Vinson

Online lead generation through “Attraction Marketing” is the skill set used by top income producers earning 5-6 figure monthly incomes. Go to the best internet marketing system tips, tools and training and sign up for FREE, NO OBLIGATION, information on how these internet marketing systems can help you build any business by generating HUNDREDS of leads a month and a 5-6 figure monthly income.

AttainResponse Internet Marketing System

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

The following article review is of a complete e-mail marketing system called AttainResponse.  There are many internet marketing systems out there and most of them have e-mail marketing as one of their tools for marketing on the internet, but AttainResponse appears to have taken e-mail marketing to a whole new level with great technology and results for business builders.

The information you are about to review was obtained from in order to give you a quick overview of the system.

Empowering Small Businesses

AttainResponse, headquartered in Erie, Colorado, was founded in 2005. AttainResponse specializes in creating and managing content delivery applications and also offers text & video email hosting, E-mail marketing and streaming video hosting. AttainResponse combines industry expertise with innovative technology setting the standard for affordable high quality marketing solutions to small organizations and empowering them with the answers and tools that are needed to more effectively promote their products, services and connect with their members and customers base.

Reaching All Marketing Professionals

AttainResponse’s tools are made to attract all levels of marketing professionals or small business owners with direct influence over how to sell products and services on the Internet. Faced with an ever increasing demand for E-marketing solutions and utilizing AttainResponse’s media streaming enabled products, AttainResponse can help all businesses connect with and reach the right kind of audience and generate targeted sales leads. According to actual scientific studies and trials, people generally remember:

  • 10% of what they read
  • 20% of what they hear
  • 30% of what they see

Ease of Use:

Your prospects will see AND hear you, at the same time, delivering the message YOU want them to hear. This ensures maximum impact, solid credibility, and powerful selling. And for you, that means SUCCESS! AttainResponse is made up of experienced, knowledgeable marketers, designers, copywriters, and technical support staff. AttainResponse specializes in making YOU look good. AttainResponse promises, when you’ve discovered the beauty and effectiveness of video marketing, video autoresponders, and video on demand, you’ll never want to go back!

AttainResponse Has Combined 3 Industries Into One:

The e-mail, media, and marketing industries have been combined to create a fully integrated e-mail marketing system.  You can send professionally designed e-mails, create video enabled web pages to collect prospect information, and reach audiences around the world with live broadcast, video conference, and media that you publish to both e-mails and websites. This results in an increase return on your marketing investments.

You will be up and running with the best in e-mail marketing and the successful know how to get results.

I hope this AttainResponse review has helped you learn a little more about AttainResponse from an unbiased viewpoint. If you would like to master the use of e-mail marketing, then AttainResponse is an internet marketing system that you definitely want to look into further!

Here to help you succeed!

Jerry Vinson

Jerry Vinson is a coach and mentor in the internet marketing industry and shows people how to generate hundreds of leads a month and a 5-6 figure monthly income no matter what business you are trying to build.  Visit Jerry Vinson’s blog at to read more article reviews on internet marketing systems and tools, business building, and personal and business success.

Marketing Your Internet Business

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Marketing your internet business can be very difficult if you do not have the tools, training, and support to market your business effectively.

As many of you may know by now, I have been in network marketing for over 20 years.  Up until August of 2008 I only used the offline methods of handing out business cards, flyers, invitations to home and hotel meetings, e-mailed family and friends, and told everyone within 3 feet of me about my business opportunities.   These methods may be effective with people that you may already know and people that trust you but how long is that list and how many of those “warm market” people are looking for extra income or internet business?

The problem I had with offline marketing to my “warm market” was that the people I knew were not in the proper mindset of having an internet business.  The people I knew were raised the Robert Kiyosaki “Poor Dad” way of going to school, getting good grades then getting that great secure job that you can work at for 40 years and retire with 40% of what you are accustomed to making per month.

With this being the problem, I finally turned to the internet in August of 2008 to find a whole new world and a much better playing field for internet business marketing and online business building success.  What an incredible change.  I had a whole new outlook on life and home internet business marketing and online business building.

I found stuff all over the place when I looked up anything pertaining to online marketing, internet marketing, business building, advertising, lead generating, etc.  Wow, there was information everywhere.  The question I then faced was, “how do I put all these e-books, video trainings, courses, tools, and every bit of information together to start making any sense of all this stuff?”

I had a very hard and overwhelming time with what to do with all the information on the world-wide- web until I found a few internet marketing systems that had all the tools, training, courses, and support to show me step-by-step what to do to become an internet marketing professional.  The systems where put together for people just like me that were new to marketing internet businesses, inexperienced on the computer and internet, but had the dream desire and determination to become successful.  They were also put together for even the most expereinced internet marketing professionals to automate their businesses and marketing efforts to gain true time and financial freedom.  I now see how this works and I am startnig to see the results of the effort I have put into watching videos and learning how to internet matrket and this is what I want you to know that you can do as well.

Now, only a year later, I am much better and much more successful at internet marketing.  I not only build my business but I also help others build their businesses with the internet marketing systems that I use to generate hundreds of leads a month and a nice 5-figure income.

I would love to coach and mentor you in marketing your internet business in order to become successful a lot faster than I did so you do not have to struggle for the many years that I did.

You can become successful and you will become successful if you follow the step-by-step video tutorials in either of the two marketing systems I use.  They are user friendly and you will have strong support from me and the system creators if and when you might have any questions.

To help you choose the best Internet Marketing Systems for you read my other article at:

I am here to help you succeed!

Jerry Vinson

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Evolv Health MLM Business Review

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Hello fellow entrepreneurs,

Are you in a business that is not meeting your financial goals? Are you looking for another business to add to your income portfolio?

If you said yes to either of the previous questions then you should take a good look at a new company called Evolv Health.

Founder of Evolv Health:

Trey White is the founder and chairman of Evolv Health. Some of Trey White’s business successes include in 1990 that later merged with, the world’s largest real estate listing website. He was chairman and invested $500 million in refining ethanol to create the 4th largest ethanol producer in the United States. He is chairman of Earth Quest, a $500 million Disney-style theme park being developed at this time. He is also chairman with TKR Capital, a privately held equity firm located in Dallas, TX

Evolv Health Product:

For greater than 15 years, at the world renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas, scientific development and research were invested in Evolv’s revolutionary Archaea Active™ formula. This formula placed in premium spring water naturally enhances performance at the cellular level that has been shown to improve stamina, endurance and energy.

Evolv Health Opportunity:

Evolv Health is in the pre-launch phase with launch set to occur October 19, 2009. Trey White has put over two years into setting up the best business plan, compensation, training and support possible for maximum benefits for everyone involved with Evolv Health.

“When you join Evolv you take the first step in evolving your health, your life and those you know and care about.”

Evolv Health will provide you with an excellent income opportunity with 10 different ways to earn income, the latest in internet marketing tools and training to help you build your business successfully and unmatched support to help you reach your greatest goals.

I have been involved in many opportunities myself and have not seen a product, business plan, personal and financial opportunity or training and support like have I seen while researching this opportunity.

After researching for about a month, my wife and I actually joined Evolv Health ourselves and have been very impressed with the websites, training calls and support that we have received. We have already started building our Evolv Health business before it has even launched.

You would be doing yourself great justice by taking a look at this opportunity and joining at the top before the company even launches the opportunity October 19, 2009.

This Evolv Health review has been written to help you make a more informed decision about joining Evolv Health.  Go to Evolv Health internet business opportunity website for more information and/or read this Evolv Health Product Brochure.  You can also read article reviews of other internet business opportunities to help you make an informed decision on the best business opportunity for you.  To help you build your internet business opportunity, you can sign sign up for FREE internet marketing training at the best internet marketing system!