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Free and Paid Strategies for Article Syndication

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Free and Paid Strategies

for Article Syndication

Are you trying to use your blog and article writing to get the word out about what you have a great passion to share with others?  Blogging is an incredible way to share anything and everything that you desire.

The greatest barrier to blogging is that people actually need to see what you are writing about and wanting to share.  How do they find what you have to share with others if you only post content to your blog without sharing the website post with others?

Follow the steps in the video, detailed below in this article, and you will be able to put together an incredible automated viral blog marketing system for your blogging success.  You will have unlimited eyeballs on your articles every day!

There are Plenty of

Free and Paid Strategies

for Article Syndication

As you can see in the video training above, there are numerous free and paid strategies for article syndication.  If you take the same steps I shared in the video, create an automated system to help syndicate your articles and videos, then you will see great results with the amount of traffic you get to your articles and videos.


1) Take the first step in setting up your own blog site.

Blog Set Up Training

Blog Set Up Training

There are a few ways to create your own blog.  You can get step by step video training at MyLeadSystemPRO on how to set up your own blog It is not difficult to set up your own blog, you just have to take the time to watch the videos and set up your blog as you go, along with the capture form to capture visitor’s e-mail addresses to follow up with them for building relationships with like-minded people, creating customers or even building a business.

With your own personal blog, you must host, add content and market your blog yourself.  Using the steps in the video will help you syndicate your articles in an automated fashion so you are not spending all your time marketing your articles.

You can also have a blog created for you, hosted for you, and even content marketed for you, by using an turnkey automated viral blog marketing system.  Using the turnkey automated viral blog marketing system not only automates your article and video marketing, it is a highly ranked website that helps you rank on Google and other sites quickly with over 100,000 people currently using the same system.


2)  Add article and video content to your blog.

There are a few ways to create your own article or video content for your blog.  You can write your own articles and create your own videos.  This is not difficult.  It might be time consuming but it gets easier as you get faster at writing articles and creating videos.

Outsource Your Article Writing

Outsource Your Article Writing

The other way to add content to your blog is to outsource your article writing and go to video sites and get codes to embed other peoples videos into your blog.  Outsourcing articles usually costs about $5.00 or less per article and going to video sites like youtube and slideshare to copy embed codes is free and it also helps people with sharing of their videos so it’s a win win situation.


3) Get the Word Out About Your Article and/or Video Blog Posts

This is the most important step in the process of blogging and is where we cover free and paid strategies for article syndication.  As you can see in the video above, there are a few ways that article syndication can be done very efficiently and effectively.

Unique Article Wizard Article Syndication

Unique Article Wizard Article Syndication

An article syndicating system that takes nothing to set up, works directly with the article outsourcing service called MyArticleExpress, and syndicates your articles to over 100 article directories, is called Unique Article Wizard and is what I use to autosyndicate my articles to 25 article directories a day.  Unique Article Wizard has a 3 Day Stealth Marketing Course  if you would like to take this free course.

An incredible way to get your articles autosyndicated to over 50 social media sites is a tool called Onlywire.  At you simply sign up for as many free social media sites as you desire, place your username and passwords into the OnlyWire system and have your blog posts autosyndicated to all the social media sites you have set up in the system.  Onlywire does cost around $14.95 a month but can also be an affiliate program you can share with your team.

Onlywire Article Autosyndication

Onlywire Article Autosyndication

Another incredible service, that works with, is called and is a way to have hundreds of other bloggers autosyndicating your blog posts.  With TribePRO you follow and syndicate other bloggers and they return the favor.  This service costs $45 a month BUT is an affiliate program that pays for itself with three referrals and is way worth the cost to autosyndicate your content to over 50 social media sites by hundreds of other bloggers.



4) Create a daily method of operation (DMO).

A DMO is where you schedule an hour a day, WITH NO DISTRACTIONS, to focus and follow the steps covered in this article and in the video above.  Take a focused hour a day, or as often as you can, and you will start seeing results you desire in traffic generation to share your content with others.


Follow these Free and Paid Article Syndication Strategies

and you will create huge success in generating

like-minded people, traffic, leads, sales,

business associates, and long lasting relationships.

See how I use these same free and paid article syndication strategies to make money blogging and sharing my “4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month” to create traffic, leads and sales for me and others on my team using these same steps with their article syndication.  


4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month

4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month

What To Do To Get Paid To Write Review Articles For Extra Money

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

What To Do To Get Paid

To Write Review Articles For Extra Money


Turnkey Article Marketing System

Turnkey Article Marketing System

The review websites that are all over the Internet are filled with thoughtful postings by people. The Internet has always been a portal to find information and these articles are a way of doing this. In order to get paid to write review articles, you will need to be able to make complicated things sound easy to understand.

Knowing how these should be written is the first item on the agenda to success. There needs to be a title, however, the editor may change it or eliminate it altogether. The name of the product should be in it and it should also attract attention. People will have to want to read it in order to be of any good.

The price of that product or service will need to be listed as well as where it can be purchased. You will then talk about the product. Discuss what it does and, possibly, how it does it. Talk about the different sizes, colors and any special attachments, programs or configurations it takes. You are not trying to sell it, you are simply giving information to readers so they can identify their needs.

You need to include good points, however, space should be given to a few bad points as well. The ordering of a positive review, from someone, will allow for a couple of those bad features or elements as long as they are truly legitimate. Do not over use such things as the capitalization, exclamation points and keep the language believable.

Many article brokerage firms will have assignments available for review articles to be written. Every company, on or off line, needs to have positive reviews of their products and services. Many of these will pay for these reviews and all it takes is an email expressing the desire to work for them. Make it a well worded one with no mistakes in grammar and spelling.

Quite a few of the major Internet Marketers will have need for these and other written material. This is the place that can keep you fairly busy and you can get paid to write review articles for them by responding to their advertisement and answering a few questions. Most of these people will have many different products and researching them can be a full time job.


Discover What To Do To Get Paid

To Write Review Articles For Extra Money

The only way to get paid to write review articles is to write. Check out some of the sources of these orders and contact them. Write some reviews and do some more. Spend time in some of the forums dealing with the products and services you would like to deal with and that will give you more help.

If you need more information regarding how to get paid to write review articles then refer to our related web page right away. Here you can watch proof of real results on the related website.

Take action on what to do to get paid to write articles for extra money and start making 100% commissions and more money in a month than you can in a year!

Get Paid to Write Review Articles

Get Paid to Write Review Articles



Discovering Common Steps To Successfully Generate Traffic

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Discovering Common Steps

To Successfully Generate Traffic

Successfully Generate Traffic

Successfully Generate Traffic

Owning a website is actually now considered as being one of the most prevalent forms of entrepreneurship. Site owners are given the change to promote their products and services to a larger base of consumers than what would otherwise be able to be reached with a brick and mortar shop. Anyone focused on this particular need should gain an understanding how to successfully generate traffic to their page.

The traffic that is generated for any website in question is one of the most fundamental aspects of being skilled in creating revenue. Getting people to the site to learn about the products and services offered is quite viable in having the opportunity turn that potential interest into profit and growth potential. The techniques that are able to use in this process are quite comprehensive and continually changing to be more unique and productive.


Why Discovering Common Steps to

Successfully Generate Traffic

is Important for YOUR Success

Business owners often find it difficult to actually determine what techniques to implement throughout their campaign efforts. Many consumers are uncertain of what should actually be weighed in when ensuring they find the most unique techniques available to them. Understanding how traffic is successfully generated is quite helpful in keeping all phases of their efforts as successful as possible.

People are often focused on the ability to keep their page as highly visible as possible. The use of visibility is one of the most prevalent aspects of being able to reach out to consumers when they use search engines to find sites they might be interested in. Using the latest SEO techniques is helpful in keeping the page as accessible and visible as possible.

Successfully Generate Traffic

Successfully Generate Traffic

Another source of consideration in this effort is making sure the site is well designed. Owners that are able to generate leads are only at the halfway point of being able to be assured that profit is obtained from that consumer. Sites that are streamlined and appear as if they are not span are usually the ones that receive a higher rate of purchases from interested consumers.

The use of social media is also a major facet of growth. People interested in learning how to make money blogging discover that using social media campaigns is one of the most effective options available to them. Sites offer an incredibly streamlined and cost effective approach toward helping businesses actually launch a successful campaign.

Persistence is always a main theme when learning how to generate traffic. Remaining persistent in all activities is one of the most pertinent factors in being able to reinforce that as many consumers as possible are made aware of the page and what it is all about. Working through adversity and remaining focused on primary goals is all that is necessary for this effort.

How to Put Discovering Common Steps To

Successfully Generate Traffic to Work For You

Do you have your own website already?  If not, you can have a professional blog marketing system created for you instantly for as little as $25.  If you want to get tips on how to generate traffic create leads make money blogging, you can see our related website for further assistance. Join us and make big money blogging right now.

Successfully Generate Traffic

Successfully Generate Traffic

Running A Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System That Is Profitable

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Running A Turnkey Automated

Blog Marketing System That Is Profitable


Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

There is tremendous long term value to investing in a turnkey automated blog marketing system. A huge variety of sites are available for immediate purchase and they are ready to earn money right away. One of the most exciting features is that they are virtually maintenance free and even someone with no technical background can still make money using one.
The blogs are fully operational and loaded with great content. Content is really key to getting a good ranking with the search engines. Human generated content must be available and give visitors exactly what they are looking for. New content is automatically uploaded to each site, which encourages visitors to keep coming back and also to recommend the site to their friends and on line acquaintances.

Blogs are available for every possible interest. Most people like to purchase one in a field they are already familiar with. For example, mothers with children may be interested in parenting sites. Others may look for cooking, gardening or travel interests. One particularly popular niche is home based businesses. There is so much interest in this field that it offers amazing returns on a very small investment.


How Running A Turnkey Automated

Blog Marketing System That Is Profitable


Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

A turnkey system has many advantages. One of the most important features is that it comes ready made and full of content. Excellent content is an essential factor and will help to generate more visitors. The relevant and valuable affiliate links will also be embedded so that the site can generate money immediately. Even better is that the new owner does not need to have any technical knowledge or background. Everything is maintained and monitored automatically.

Home based businesses have been popular for many years. However they typically involve a lot of work. Many of the down sides are the need to stock inventory, take orders, make deliveries and spend time with customers. The new blogs have none of these downfalls. They eliminate all the time consuming factors and just retain the affiliate links that provide a constant source of income.

The package deals include one year of free hosting and unlimited domains, disc space and bandwidth. At the end of the first year the renewal fee is very reasonable. Links to big name companies like Amazon and Google are very profitable and require no additional work.

Internet based businesses are one of the best ways to make extra income. Many people are actively searching for a home based business, especially one that can generate significant amounts of money with minimal amounts of time. A turnkey automated blog marketing system provides the perfect opportunity for anyone, even those who are already busy with family and other commitments.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about turnkey automated blog marketing system with the help of interesting articles that are published on our website. For more info on how to create traffic capture leads and make sales, check out all the details right now!

Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

Turnkey Automated Blog Marketing System

Tips On How To Get Paid To Write Review Articles

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Tips On How To Get Paid

To Write Review Articles


Get Paid to Write Articles

Get Paid to Write Articles

The rise in the economical difficulties that are so often experienced in modern society has led to a greater number of people looking for quick and easy ways to make an extra income. There are many online resources available offering individuals the chance to generate necessary funding on the web with effort and ease. The ability to learn how to get paid to write review articles can aid in obtaining the necessary cash flow.

A large number of businesses are taking a keen interest in hiring writers to develop reviews. This is considered a desirable promotional strategy for the company as a consumer will be drawn to product or service testimonials offering the relevant information. Accessing such content will allow potential buyers to read about the features and pros of the items before making a particular purchase decision.

Consumer reviewers can earn a steady flow of money by writing content for a number websites. The first way to generate some cash is to post the work on blogs covering all kinds of topics. Conducting a search will generate the names of sites that will put you in connection with companies looking for review writers.

There is the option to write about books, movies, food, shops, websites and much more. There are many online communities available that will pay a steady revenue for those wishing to share their knowledge and implement research into publications. The advertisements that are placed on the published pages will contribute to the creation of funds.

Best Tips On How To Get Paid

To Write Review Articles


Turnkey Article Marketing System

Turnkey Article Marketing System

You can join affiliate programs where you will receive revenue from writers that you sign up or based on the number of clicks the review site receives. It is important to conduct research on the options available and to prevent falling into a trap or scheme. This will ensure that you get paid for the work that is completed.

A great deal of sites are also offering what is referred to as a share option where you will receive funds as long as the article generates traffic. It is therefore necessary to create content that is relevant and of a high standard. Such opportunities are most beneficial for writers who are motivated and skilled.

You may combine freelancer work with reviews as this will allow one to earn a greater amount of cash. To learn how to get paid to write review articles can prove most interesting and fulfilling in creating the revenue that is desired. It is necessary to search among a few websites before making the final decision to work for a particular company.


Apply these Tips On How To

Get Paid To Write Review Articles

Are you interested in learning how to get paid writing review articles? Discover and join team take massive action today and see our web page immediately.

Make Money Writing Articles

Make Money Writing Articles



Affordable Blog Marketing Plan For Small Businesses

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Affordable Blog Marketing Plan

For Small Businesses

Are you familiar with blogging and using a blog as your central hub for sharing valuable information, branding yourself as an expert, and generating sales or new business associates? Have you tried to set up a blog but ran into too many difficulties, expenses, or frustrations? Do you have a blog but do not have an affordable blog marketing plan to get your valuable information out to others?

Blogging is a critical piece of your business building success. Blogging consists of creating a video, or writing an article, posting the video or article on your own blog, then blasting it out to the world to find and have people find your information when searching for the same type of information you have to share.

It does not matter what information you have to share, or what product, business or services you have to promote. Using a blog is the most affordable and effective way of marketing what you have to offer, if you have an affordable blog marketing plan.

Blogging can be expensive, time consuming and difficult if you do not have the step-by-step training to show you how to create a blog. There are many steps to creating, designing, optimizing, maintaining, marketing your blog in order to generating highly targeted traffic that will make you money. This is made a lot easier with an affordable blog marketing plan.

If you are where I was in 2008, you might not have any idea about how to create a blog or manage a blog or market the blog contents? These steps can become time consuming and may not even generate the targeted traffic that creates paying customers or potential business partners. This is where an affordable blog marketing plan comes in handy.

Why You Need an Affordable Blog Marketing Plan

for Your Success!

An affordable blog marketing plan entails creating a blog with enough content, over time, to rank high in the search engine traffic and rankings, attract highly targeted traffic with a hunger for what you have to share, then create the desire for potential customers and business associates to opt-in for more of your information, to later purchase your products or join your business.

If you would like to take ALL the stress, struggle, cost, frustration, and time out of having to create your own blog, host your own blog, add plug-ins and widgets, create opt-in forms and e-mail auto-responders, then having to market your content yourself and pray that enough people see your information, you might want to use an affordable blog marketing plan that has created highly targeted traffic, incredibly targeted leads, and a very nice monthly residual income for hundreds of entrepreneurs already.

You can have every part of your blog set up for you, and ALL the marketing of your content done for you, for only $25 a month! If you do this yourself, it will cost you hundreds of dollars a month, hours of unwanted stress and struggle, to have even close to the same results as you can with a blog created by internet marketing professionals within minutes of becoming a member of this affordable blog marketing plan.

There you have it, An Affordable Blog Marketing Plan for Small Businesses

that you can use to create huge success for your small or home based business.

Want to find out more about the affordable blog marketing plan? Then, visit Jerry Vinson’s site on how to choose the best internet marketing system blog articles for your needs.

You Can Learn How To Blog With No Hassle

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

There is great money in knowing how to blog. This area of the web has experienced a tremendous growth spurt, and advertisers rely on many blogs to help them sell their goods and services. Many beginners are interested in this field, and they’re unsure of a starting point. The empower network resource can provide everything there is to know, and this is a great way to learn the fundamental strategies.

Most consumers rely on the internet at some time to make a purchase. Advertisers also know this, and they are quick to provide consumers with easy access to their products. There are many sights that people visit, and these are great places for marketing and other types of advertising. Most advertisers that this presents a great return on investment.

Most firms and major companies are happy to provide bloggers with money. This allows them greater access to the consumer market, and most of them are found of increasing the visibility of their products. They can realize higher profits and a greater customer base if they find a successful blogger.

Internet marketing strategies are an area unto themselves, and many people are curious as to what these entail. There are several professional companies that provide the pertinent resources that can help any blogger increase their earnings potential. The empower network resource has a lot of information on this subject.

The internet is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing, and many people rely on the empower network resource to help them enhance their marketing skills. This sight is devoted to ensuring that everyone can achieve the levels of prosperity that they want. There are a great many products available, and training is one of the best things for beginners.

Training in these areas is vital to the success of any blogger. There is an essential skills base that is a requirement in order for success to be attained. Many people realize that there’s a lot involved in these things, and they choose to devote their time to learning from someone who’s in the know.

There is great money in knowing how to blog. This fast growing market has the potential to offer great returns. For this reason, it is essential to do your homework. You can study all of the information on various marketing strategies, and this is a great way to enhance your sight.

The Empower Viral Blog Marketing System will show you how to bring in revenue with your blog. What is the Best Internet Marketing System Training Blog on the net? Get your own completely unique content version of this article.

How To Blog For Wage Enhancement

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

It is crucial to know how to blog for entrepreneurial success when working with the empower network resource. You cannot be a casual writer and expect to make a decent wage. The content you create must inform your customers. The words you write need to create a burning desire for the product you are selling. You need to publish regular posts to maintain the interest of your audience members.

The most vital truth of blogging is that it should be done purposely. Many folks want to write professionally. Some of them do not succeed when they do no treat their writing efforts as a career. They need internet marketing training. To make a lot of dollars and be happy as a business owner, you should give some time and energy to your work.

That being said, what you write is as important as the act itself. The copy you create needs to teach your ideal customer facts that will make her life better. You must fix a problem she is currently experiencing in her life.

Sometimes, you might have an item that does not solve a current dilemma that is vexing your customer. This is often the case for a business. When your consumer is not consciously aware of a painful spot, you might be required to point it out to her. When you show a buyer how urgently she needs your product, she will be eager to take it off your hands.

When you use the empower network resource, you will not need to put forth a lot of effort to make your web site appeal to search engines. However, you must still perform some actions that will attract the curiosity of your buyers. One of the most important of those is to regularly add new content to your blog.

It must be noted that you do not need to compose a completely new piece of copy every day or week. When you have a popular web site, it is easy to attract guest writers to your space. You can and should also share early posts with your current audience members.

It is vital to comprehend how to blog for monetary gain when working with the empower network resource. You cannot casually compose and expect a large income. The text you create needs to instruct your customers. Your words must create a desperate desire in your customers for your good. You need to update your site frequently to nourish the interest of your best consumers.

Bloggers, have a look at our site for information about the best Internet marketing system, now. You can also find details about the reasons why you should use the empower viral blog marketing system, today.

Understand Methods To Blog Intelligently

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Many people envy others who are earning an income online. Much of this envy is related to the fact that they earn a passive income, meaning that they can take some time off and still earn that money. Of course, to get to that point, one would have to have established certain routes and set figures in motion. One does not need to have a website to make money these days, as blogging is just as good, if not better. Below, learn how to blog the easy way to start earning a proper living online.

Although it may seem as though one is not making a financial investment when becoming an online entrepreneur, all the time invested could easily be translated into dollars. For instance, all that time spent in front of the computer could have been spent working to make more money.

The important thing is to reduce wasted time as well as any expenses that could be incurred with regards to research and how to find success. Just like that, anyone can learn how to properly blog and start earning a lucrative income.

Staying focus is one of the biggest problems when working online, because it is so easy to stray away from the goal. In fact, this happens even when one is researching a particular niche or product, as they click on links that distract them and make them lose their way.

However, when finding the proper training, the online entrepreneur could make better decisions with regards to methods to use, products to promote and sell one. This will eliminate much of the wasted time and ineffective techniques.

Of course, there are thousands of techniques and suggestions made by virtually everyone online. There are the self-proclaimed gurus and those who really are gurus who have created tools that really work. Unfortunately, along with those tools that do work, there are thousands that do not. So, proper research is required to find which does work, and then pounce on it quickly.

Although you may be tired of the in-depth research, it is second to none. Buying just anything without really knowing about it is a simple waste of money, as well as precious time. The proper training on how to blog properly could easily bring great results in a short period of time, especially when the product is designed to for maximum profits and provides ongoing training.

Bloggers, have a quick look at our website to learn everything there is to know about the Empower viral blog marketing system, now. You can also find more information about the best Internet marketing system training blog, today.

Learning How To Blog With Empower Website

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Empower Network is an excellent website that can help people make money. When learning how to blog it can make people feel frustrated. However, Empower website takes all the frustration, time and expense out of blogging. It is one of the best Internet marketing systems available.

Any individual that puts the right amount of work and marketing into their website will be rewarded with financial success. If someone is not prepared to work hard, then they are not likely to see success. They can talk about anything that interests them and gain fans through their website.

It often puts someone off writing a weblog when they realize how much work has to go into it. In addition, they may struggle to promote their weblog properly. Imagine the damage if you did not manage to market your blog properly.

As a blogger, you will have the opportunity to write about your many interests. There are many advantages of blogging and it can open up many opportunities. You can take advantage of all the resources on the website and ask experienced bloggers questions. Experienced bloggers will help you in the right direction.

There are many free resources on the Empower Network that help people to be successful with blogging. A person can join today and start making money from day one. A person should find something that interests and motivates them to write. The more passion a person has, the better their writing will be. It’s always best for people to write about something that they know and love.

When a person starts a weblog by themselves, they may struggle with marketing. Marketing is imperative for a website’s success. If marketing isn’t done properly then nobody will know about the website.

The wonderful aspect with Empower Network is that everything is included. There are many amazing articles for people to read and learn about blogging. All someone needs is the motivation to keep writing daily and they will see results. It’s a very rewarding feeling watching the number of visitors to your website grow.

Learning how to blog is easy with Empower Network. Virtually anyone can master the art of blogging successfully by devoting time each day to learn this skill. There are many opportunities for a person to increase their income and write about something they feel passionate about.

Bloggers, you can find information about the best Internet marketing system and details about the benefits of using the empower viral blog marketing system on our website, today. Click here for other unique internet business blogging articles.