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Money Making Gems from a 6-Figure Monthly Online Income Earner

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Money Making Gems from a 6-Figure

Monthly Online Income Earner

These “Money Getting Gems” from a 6-Figure MONTHLY income earner will help you succeed at internet marketing, lead generation, business building and duplication of your success!  These gems will help you overcome overwhelm, confusion and frustration in internet marketing and business building of any kind.

Apply these gems and you will see HUGE success UNLIKE 99.9% of the people on the internet trying to pitch the “latest and greatest” garbage.  Enjoy the webinar, take great notes, apply the knowledge and make it a great year!


The Greatest Problem to Applying These

Money Making Gems from a 6-Figure

Monthly Online Income Earner

The number one problem most people have with internet marketing and business building is overwhelm, confusion and frustration.  It is not that people do not have time or money to create success on the internet, they simply need guidance from successful people who have a PROVEN plan that can provide value and help duplicate success.

As you can see in the video, I truly have a passion to help YOU STOP struggling, STOP being overwhelmed, STOP being confused and STOP being frustrated, like I was for 4 years!  Don’t spend any more of your hard earned time and money on garbage that does not work and from people who do not have your best interest in mind.


A Proven Plan I Use to Apply the Money Making Gems

from a 6-Figure Monthly Online Income Earner

If you need a proven plan to apply these “money making gems” you can go to and watch the video that shows you how I went from almost bankrupt, in January of 2012, to enjoying life a year later. 

4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month

4 Proven Steps to $10K a Month


Blogging For Money Without Knowing How To Blog

Thursday, December 8th, 2011
Each new day, thousands of people start blogs without knowing how to blog. A handful may eventually get the hang of it, and quite a few just make a post now and then to keep it alive. But the majority will simply give up and forget about blogs and blogging within the first month. If someone could show them a sure thing that offers blogging success right from Day 1, it would be the online equivalent of solid gold.

This online solid gold has a name, and that name is the Empower Network. Sign-up and the new member gets a ready-to-post weblog on an optimized blogging platform with a lot of bells and whistles. These are hosted blogs that have existing backlinks and are well trusted and ranked by the search engines. All the SEO work has been done already, and the member who takes over has existing visitors and sales from Day 1.

Normally, it will take a knowledgeable blogger at least 6 to 12 months to bring a website or weblog to this stage. Empower Network members get such a valuable blogging system precreated and ready for them to take over. Having traffic is one thing, and monetizing it is another. Empower Network again steps in here with pre-existing lead capture pages.

These are high conversion landing pages known to work well with the products being sold. Speaking of which, a normal affiliate program provides the referrer with at most 20-25% in sales commissions. But in this case, the blogger ends up with 100% of the sales commissions.

As soon as the blogging system is handed over to a new member, the referred sales start getting credited and the commissions get sent to the member’s bank account right away. This happens on Day 1, since the weblog has an active base of search traffic and the new member simply takes it over.

The requirements to get started aren’t that complex. Since members get to keep 100% of the commissions, they have to buy the products first. These are three products priced at $25, $100 and $500. In order to accept payments online from customers and transfer it to a bank account, every member has to open a merchant account.

The reality is that bloggers working on their own will take years to learn how to blog properly, cultivate visitors and get a sizable affiliate income. Also, there’s no guarantee that all the effort and time spent will ever provide success. With David Wood and Empower Network, there is no uncertainty, waiting period or effort involved.

Entrepreneurs, discover how the Empower viral blog marketing system can help increase your online business’s sales, today. You can find also information about the best Internet marketing system training blog on our site, now.

Best Internet Marketing Strategy

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

One of the first things to think about as you develop your internet marketing strategy is what kind of people you want to attract to your business. Internet marketing strategies are all about getting people directed to your site and filtering out the ones who don’t belong in your industry.

Working professionals, stay at home moms, college students, and many other types of folks are among the many who are starting an online business in the hopes of earning extra income and possibly making it their primary source of income. This is one of the best times for starting an internet business and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist!

As you start out building your website, you want to make sure that you create an internet marketing plan so that you can measure out your expected results. Your internet marketing plan can also include where to give your visitors a chance to sign up for more information about your business.

Traditional marketing strategies will have you looking to your “warm market” to grow your business, but this is hardly necessary when you can reach people who aren’t your friends and family. You can have the right kind of people come to you directly and willingly if you implement internet based marketing that attracts leads that are looking for the type of opportunity you have for a home business.

PPC Marketing has been a popular marketing method for many years and is constantly evolving. If you have the time and energy, you can just do your own PPC marketing management and save thousands of dollars a month. For those that are busier or want to outsource your marketing, you can also have services do this busy work for you.

While marketing most online-based businesses has become extremely popular and successful, there is another way to advertise your business that keeps in mind the needs of those in your geographic region. Local internet marketing greatly benefits the businesses within the region of a person’s search for a particular product or service.

My favorite and most effective strategy for internet marketing strategy, generating FREE traffic and generating potential business partners, is blogging. You can go through all the steps necessary to create and host your own blog, market your blog, SEO your blog, , ad your plug-ind and capture forms, and then hope that enough people find your information and opt-in to join you. Or, better yet, you can use a simple, affordable, blog marketing tool created to help anyone with any skill level have their own blog set up and marketed for them. All you have to do is ad content to your blog and the tool does the rest of the hosting, marketing, and sales funneling for you.

Stop struggling to discover ways to internet market and build your business or promote your products or services. Use one simple and affordable tool called the Empower Network Blog Marketing and Sales Tool for only $25 a month and get started immediately in generating FREE traffic to your business, product or service. Read more articles on this best internet marketing system training blog then sign up for the FREE 5-Day “Business Building Success Bootcamp” on the right side of the page!

Best Internet Marketing Lead Generating Practices

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Once you find the right home business internet idea for you, you will find that using the best internet marketing practices will help you become successful at lead generation and business building!

A great strategy that people need to think about for their online businesses is how to target niche markets. Think about the message you want to present on your website and how your business will serve that niche. Making money online with affiliate internet programs is about providing value in niche markets!

As you venture into lead generation marketing, planning becomes essential to your success. The best internet marketing training provides planning to help keep you on track with your goals of lead generation and business building.

No matter what the product or service, the home business owner can be taught to market his or her business on the internet and reach out to others with similar goals and dreams. Marketing on the internet is a step-by-step process given the right training system and support!

One tool that the top 1-2% of highly successful internet marketers use, that is key to their unmatched success is called Market Samurai. This tool determines highly targeted traffic and money making keywords in your given niche. Without this tool, 98% of internet marketers are working harder instead of smarter. “It takes just as much time to fail in business as it does to succeed in business”, and if you use this ONE tool, you will succeed and start generating highly targeting traffic with much better purchasing and business building conversions.

As you gather more and more leads to your page, you want to be sure you get some staying power by giving them something they can’t get from any other website. This provides the best business internet marketing opportunity for you and your prospects. Staying power is created by providing HUGE targeted value to your potential customers and business partners so they have no need to go elsewhere.

The best place to provide your HUGE targeted value to your potential customers and business partners is on a blog. If you already have a blog, then you need to use Market Samurai to help you target keywords in your niche that will convert to more sales and income and business partners. If you do not have a blog, you can use the Empower Blogging Marketing and Sales Tool to automatically have a highly ranked blog to use for yourself for only $25 a month, which is much less expensive and time-consuming that having to create a blog on your own.

Together, the Market Samurai Tool and the Empower Blogging Marketing and Sales Tool will have you generating FREE highly targeted, paying traffic to your websites and creating more potential business partners than ever before. Become part of the 1-2% that are truly successful at internet marketing and business building, and get started with these step-by-step tools today. Go to the Best Internet Marketing Systems Training blog to discover more ways to use internet marketing and business building ideas.

Effective Internet Marketing Tools

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

One of the most effective ways people have begun earning an additional stream of income is by starting an internet business.  You may be one of thousands of  people who have started an online business and now needs great advice on how to make it grow and make it profitable. It is much faster starting an internet business because a website is often pre-made for you and you just have to log in to personalize it.

One really good way to earn money online is through affiliate online marketing. The best affiliate marketing opportunity is one that you know is in demand. And if you’re wondering how you can get those people to come to you, then you are also looking to incorporate some very effective internet marketing tools to building your online presence and attracting people who are looking to buy what you have to offer.

After you have signed up and set up your internet business, the next important thing is making sure you’ve got the internet marketing tools and strategies that will work best with your product or service to bring people to your site. With effective internet website marketing, you can create a meaningful online presence that attracts a targeted audience and gives people reason to share their contact info with you.

Some really powerful internet marketing training courses are available which you can access solely on the Internet, or that also offer hard copy/physical versions of the coursework Many complete online marketing courses were put together by people who started off just as you did and learned better, more effective ways to recruit or gain qualified business leads.

With some proper attraction network marketing training, you can run a business that produces your desired results in a short amount of time. A notion not liked by many of the hard-core traditional marketers is online attraction marketing. In attraction marketing, you’re kicking tradition in the butt and deviating from those less effective marketing methods that cause you to quickly lose good friends. People will give you their information without you having to say anything other than what they want to hear.

Some internet marketing strategies involve blogging, creating lead capture pages, and setting up an opt-in box for your visitors. Blogging is one of many effective internet marketing tools because it gives you a chance to express your knowledge and understanding of what people need, and you can begin informing them of possible solutions to their problems.  Your lead capture page can work similarly because you can demonstrate that you understand a problem and you can offer a solution right away.

Stop struggling to discover how to use effective business building and internet marketing tools and strategies!  Sign up for the FREE 5-Day Internet Marketing Bootcamp and FREE 5-Day Business Building Success Bootcamp to the right of this page for more FREE business building and internet marketing success principles.  Read more articles at the best internet marketing system training blog.

Make Easy Executive Level Income From Home Starting Today

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Are you looking for a program you can use and promote that is very inexpensive, very easy to use, and will make you an executive level income from home? With all the products, services, and businesses out there, what are you going to use to make the money you desire from home with as little effort and expense as possible?

When I first started looking on the internet, in May of 2008, for something to do from home to supplement my income, to pay off my debt faster, and make easy money with little effort, I was overwhelmed with all the business owners testifying that you could create 5-figure incomes every month with little to no effort. Who was I to trust and where was I to turn for guidance on how to decide what product or business or service to use to make money from home.

What I did find, through 5 months of further research on my own, is that you either needed a lot of time or money, or both, to get started in a business or to promote a product or service, that would make an executive level money from home sooner than later. The only problems I had with that are the same problems that 98% of the people looking for income from home every day. I had little money or time to get started and to promote a business, product, or service.

With huge debt from 17 years of college, a mortgage, two car payments, private loans, school loans, and 9 credit cards, I was working 40 plus hours a week just to pay the minimum monthly payments on my debt and interest rates. Having to work so many hours to keep up with bills, I had little time to work extra on the side to make some income from home.

What I have found since May of 2008, after following people around the internet that had been successful themselves, is that it is possible for me, and anyone else that wants a better life bad enough to do something about it, to get up off the couch, or stay awake another hour a day, and make that easy executive level money from home starting today! It is possible because there are real, easy, and affordable programs out there on the world wide web that have successful people with a true passion of helping others, no matter how much time or money they have to get started, create a better life for others like they had for themselves.

One such program has been designed to help anyone with any business, product, or service, to promote their business, product, or service the easiest and most affordable way possible, and make easy executive level money from home starting today! Even if you do not have a primary business, product, or service, this program is designed to help you make easy executive level money from home starting today simply by becoming a member for $25 a month, then sharing this same program with others who are looking to make easy executive level money from home starting today.

Take a very close look at this easy executive level money from home program that will change your life for the better for only $25 a month and maybe an hour a day! It is possible if you have a strong enough desire to create an incredible lifestyle for yourself and your family! $25 a month and 5-7 hours a week is nothing compared to how hard you are working paycheck to paycheck for someone else that could probably not care less about you or your family.

Watch a short video to see how we are making executive level income from home possible for anyone at the Empower Training and Marketing System, then join our family and we will grow together both personally and financially and help hundreds and thousands of others do the same with only 5-7 hours of effort a week!  Read more internet marketing system articles to help you create the executive level money from home that you desire and deserve!

Simple Affordable Marketing System for Your Home Business Building Success

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Are you tired of working too hard for too little?  Are you tired of struggling to find a J.O.B. and finally started looking online for something to do from home? Are you overwhelmed with all the internet knowledge about network marketing, MLM, or the home based business industry?

I was in the exact same position in August of 2008, and there are now over 160,000 people every week turning to work at home businesses to create the income and lifestyle they cannot create working 40 plus hours a week for someone else.

The biggest problem I had was deciding where to get started, what home business was right for me, and then how to build a business when I had no experience in sales, or marketing or business building. I searched and searched for tips, tool, training, “experts”, and any other guidance I could find to get me started in the right direction.

I spent countless hours and hard earned money to get started and it took me over 6 months before I could pay off the credit card I used to purchase all the products I found to learn more about marketing, sales, leadership, business building, personal growth, and the list goes on.

After 6 months of finding it quite difficult to put all the overwhelming information together to start going in the right direction, I still did not have what it took to start making real money in my primary business. I helped a few family members, friends and co-workers get started, and even created close to $40K my first year but I was working hard and knew that it had to be easier than what I was going through to make it happen for myself.

Most importantly, I knew that what I was doing and experiencing was NOT tolerable or duplicable for the members on my team to be able to take the time and money to perform and create similar personal and financial success I had created. I knew that the leaders in my company and in other companies with hundreds of team members and $100K/month incomes where not going through what I was going through with only 20 members and a lot less income than they were making for themselves.

There was something they were hiding and they would not share their success “secrets” to help me or others in our company to create the same success they were creating for themselves. What were they doing? What kind of training and techniques where they using to create huge success? I knew there was more!

Well, two incredible, very passionate, and REAL experts, FINALLY created a very affordable, simple, duplicable system that will allow you to create the personal and home based business success you desire and deserve.  Finally, all the training, tips, and tools used by these two experts in one marketing and sales system for you to use!

No more secrets, no more hiding the truth about what these two experts are doing themselves to create a 7-figure yearly income! You and your team can now use the same “secrets” to build any business and generate a 5-figure monthly income!

Watch the video and discover the two experts at Empower Marketing and Sales System and you will finally be free of all the other overwhelming training tips, tools, and programs out there that lead you in too many directions. Read more internet marketing system articles to make life more simple and successful for you and your team!

Empower Yourself to Create Unlimited Home Business Success

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Are you trying to become successful in your home business by doing all the work?  Do you have the time and ability to do everything that is needed to create unlimited home business success? Do you have the training in your business to empower yourself and your team to create unlimited success?

Would you rather work 70 hours a week by yourself to make things happen, or would you rather create a TEAM of 70 successful members that work only one hour a week to create the same success?  What if each member worked only 5 hours a week?  That would be 350 hours of productive TEAM building and this is how you empower yourself to create unlimited home business success!

Who do you have that you can turn to for the guidance, leadership knowledge and training, empowering knowledge of how to create your team that will empower you to create unlimited home business success?  Most businesses have top income earners that want to stay at the top.  Most companies have leaders that do not give the knowledge and training to help you become as successful as they have been.

Do you ever wonder why the top income earners are at the top and why you are working your butt off doing everything that they are telling you to do without the same results?  This is primarily because the top income earners in your companies are working together but NOT sharing everything that they are doing with you.

There is one program that has been created to stop this guru status and top income earner status mindset.  This one program created by two 7-figure income earners has nothing to do with any home business. These two experts are tired of hearing that the gurus and top income earners in the industry are not creating the same success in others in their team that they are supposed to be empowering to create unlimited home business success.

Empower yourself to create unlimited home business success in YOUR home business and become a top earner in YOUR company with the leadership training, team building training, marketing and business building training, and one marketing system that will help you create huge success and help your TEAM to create success as well, no matter what primary home business you are building!

Discover the Empower Training and Marketing System that will take you to the next level and empower yourself and your team to create unlimited home business success!  Read more internet marketing systems articles to help you and your team create huge success in YOUR business!