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Make A LOT of Money Online by Having These 5 Critical Things

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Make A LOT of Money Online

by Having These 5 Critical Things


Make A LOT of Money Online

Make A LOT of Money Online

If you have these 5 things YOU can make A LOT of money online with any business, product or service, while having a life.  When I first started in the internet marketing arena in 2008, I just wanted to throw my replicated business or product website at people and pray that people would see the value that I saw in the business or product and join or buy from me.

Well, little did I know that I had NO idea of what I was doing.  I could spend all the time and money I wanted throwing eyes in front of a replicated business or product site but I was wasting both money and time!

So, what are the FIVE Critical Things YOU Must Have

to make a lot of money online?


1) A Business, Product or Service to provide REAL Value to others.

Don’t join something or promote something that you want to use ONLY to make a lot of money. If your business, product or service does not provide TRUE VALUE TO OTHERS, it will either not work at all or it will not work for very long.

You will see in the FREE 7 Day Video Series , that in order to attract people to YOU, so they want to buy from you or join you, you must provide pure value to them first!!!  Before I knew what was in this free 7 day video series, I was clueless.

After watching the free 7 day video series, I knew how to share pure value with potential customers and business partners, and watched the number of my customers and business partners grow.  For the first time, people on my lists were opening more e-mails, taking more action, and creating success in their lives.  As a result, I started creating more success in my life as well.

2) A website that converts traffic into potential customers or business associates.

FREE 7 Day Video Series

FREE 7 Day Video Series

To work online you need an informational website that provides just enough information about what you have to offer that makes people want more of what you have. When your readers want more, then they will opt in at your websites and receive more information.

An informational capture page and follow up system weeds out the tire kickers up front. These people will only waste your time if you allowed them to call you or e-mail you directly for more information and try to get you to explain to them what you have over the phone or in an e-mail.

When you sale a house or car, do you think that you would have more success by SHOWING buyers the house or car, or by trying to EXPLAIN the house or car over the phone?

If someone is not willing to take the time to look at what you have BEFORE calling or e-mailing you asking questions, then you don’t want to spend your time on these people.  You might THINK you need these sales bad enough to call them, but you will probably waste your time and become frustrated if you try calling these people.  TRUST ME!

3) An automated follow up method

So you don’t have to talk to everybody who visits your websites, you need an automated follow up e-mail system that can give a little bit more VALUABLE information to potential customers and associates on a daily basis.  Automating your follow ups creates a relationship with your potential customers, provides value, and frees up your valuable time so you can enjoy life while you build your online business.

4) An automated method for converting your potential customers and associates into paying customers and business partners.

Having great sales pages and follow ups e-mails with converting “calls to action” makes a HUGE difference in your online success. Otherwise you would be on the phone most of every day trying to call your prospects in order to explain your product, business, or service and trying to get people to SEE why they need what you have to offer them.


You need as many eyeballs on your websites as you can get every day! You can use multiple FREE methods to generate traffic or you can use paid traffic methods that will automate your traffic and lead generation and FREE UP even more of your valuable time.

A good combination of both free and paid traffic is what most people prefer so they can start generating traffic fast with paid traffic while using free methods to start generating a steady flow of leads without having to pay for them.

YOU CAN Make A LOT of Money Online

by Having These 5 Critical Things

These FIVE critical things will make your life SO MUCH easier and SO MUCH more profitable! Once you have these five things in place, you can generate as many leads, and convert as many leads to sales, as you need in order to make A LOT of money online!

I will be covering more on each one of these FIVE MUST HAVES to help YOU every step of the way!! First thing I would do is get Free Instant Access To The 7 Free Videos To Learn How To Attract New Prospects To You No Matter What Business, Product or Service You Decide is Best For You to Promote.

FREE Traffic for Your Business

FREE Traffic for Your Business