Use Your Family Time Wisely and Create Unlimited Success

According to the American Time Use Survey’s 2010 Results, many people in the United States, and probably around the world, are spending an average of 2.7 hours A DAY watching television (TV).   Adults living in households where the youngest child was between the ages of 6 and 17 spent 47 minutes per day providing primary childcare (childcare that is done as a main activity, such as physical care of children and reading to or talking with children) to household children.

What does this say for the average family in the United States?  Is the TV really more important than our own children?  Are TV shows, drama, or “reality” TV more important than creating an incredible relationship with your own children?

On the days that men and women participated in sport or exercise activities, men spent more time in these activities than did women–1.9 hours compared with 1.3 hours.  It still looks like children are having less time with parents than work or leisure activities.

Why are children getting to spend less time with parents?   Are parents so warn out after spending an average of 7.5 hours every weekday at work, that they turn to the idiot tube to wind down, instead of have the energy or desire to spend more time with their children?  Is it because by the time parents get home from work, eat dinner, and get the children ready for bed, there is no more time to spend with their children?

82 percent of employed persons worked on an average weekday, compared with 35 percent on an average weekend day.  There are 35% of persons even working on the weekends, either as a set schedule, working over time, or working multiple jobs to make ends meet.  Society is a two income family now, thanks to our wonderful economy, and both parents are having to work, therefore able to spend less time as a family.

There is a solution to working long hours away from home, working weekends, being too tired and stressed to spend quality time as a family. Over 300,000 people a week are starting to look into the home business industry to supplement and even replace their incomes from being overworked and underpaid.

Self-employed workers were three times more likely than wage and salary workers to have done some work at home on days worked–64 percent compared with 19 percent.  64% of the self-employed work at home.  These individuals now have more time to spend with family and take the steps towards creating a lifestyle of less stress and more quality family time.

Take a part of the average 2.7 hours a day of watching TV and start looking into creating the lifestyle you desire and deserve.  If you would like to take a look at starting your own home business, with only an hour a day of effort, that will lead to an income far greater than you could ever create working long hours away from home for someone else, then there is a program that was created just for you.

Take a look at FamilyIQ Program and Business Opportunity Overview, a home based online program, with a mission to empower individuals and parents to improve their personal, partnering, and parenting skills in order to build stronger and more effective families.  Go to Discover Financial Freedom Online to discover more ways to create the lifestyle you desire and deserve!

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