Gerald Celente Economic Collapse and Martial Law Coming Soon

Gerald Celente: Economic Collapse

and Martial Law Coming Soon

Interview with Gerald Celente explains what happened when he had his own one MILLION dollars scammed from him! A total of 20 minutes of breaking news that explains exactly what happened when Gerald Celente had his money taken from him and why you must know this information before you get your money, no matter how much you have, stolen from you as well!

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The government and Federal Reserve are getting absolutely desparate to hide the fact that the worst of the global economic collapse is not close to being over with, yet. They are robbing citizens around the world and covering it up in any way that they can.

The benefits that you have, and other honest hard working citizens have, are disappearing every day right underneath your nose. The benefits that people rely on for their best personal and financial futures will be gone in the next few months to few years with no warning.

Do you rely on pension plans, social security, medicare, medicaid, workers comp., disability payments, or even your job for your best personal and financial present tense and future? Within the next few months to few years these government social benefits and retirement benefits and health care benefits will no longer exist!

You must prepare yourself with real knowledge from true economic and investment experts that share the inside experiences and knowledge within Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and even global governments. If you do not know this information you will lose everything you have worked your whole life to achieve for you and your family.

A REAL example of what is happening in your own neighborhood. If you, and about 10 others, who had $1,000 in your bank accounts in the same bank, at least according to your statement balances, were to go to your local bank right now and each one of you asked to remove $1,000 in cash from that bank at the same time, there is a huge possibility that your bank would not even have the cash on hand to cover the withdrawals.

Economic Collapse Explained

Economic Collapse Explained

I personally know of one person that went to one of the largest banks in the United States, Chase, in one of the largest cities in the United States, Houston, TX, and asked to withdraw $20,000 of his hundreds of thousands of dollars that he had on his bank statements. The bank had to call multiple branches in Houston, TX to combine this amount of dollars and have Brinks deliver it to the bank location where he was located.

This withdrawal of $20,000 was actually done to prove a critical point. This withdrawal was being done by an actual economic and investment expert to prove to his own clients that the banking system and government is a cover up and why it is very important not to rely on the government or to have cash in your bank.

This same economic and investment expert, along with Gerald Celente, and even vice presidential candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, finally got fed up with the cover ups, lies, and stealing by the government, major banks, Federal Reserve, and other corporate crooks like those on Wall Street. This group is doing everything that it can to warn citizens, share knowledge with citizens and help citizens protect themselves and create wealth during the global economic crisis.

This group of investment experts, economic trends forecasting experts, and political experts created an incredible insider information newsletter called The CrashProof Prosperity Investment Newsletter to keep people like you in the know of what is going on within the walls of Wall Street, major banks, the government and the Federal Reserve. With their expertise and knowledge, you will know EXACTLY how to position yourself personally an financially with insider knowledge to take advantage of global economic conditions that are creating the global economic crisis. Discover how to Recession Proof Your Income Today!

Recession Proof Your Income Today!

Recession Proof Your Income Today!

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