Understanding How To Blog Is Not Enormously Complex

Learning how to blog is not extremely complicated. Most web packages today use tools that allow even “newbies” to create instant content with little to no code knowledge. Anyone who owns a computer with internet access, knows how to type, and has information they want to share can start blogging right away.

For those who still may not know, blog is a combination of the words web and log. And that is exactly what it is, a web log. As with any log, this means that ongoing topics, articles, and information are to be expected.

Get people personally involved. Internet interaction is extremely popular. Sites that allow readers to ask questions, get answers from the writer, and converse amongst themselves are the ones that receive the most traffic. Understand what readers are interested in.

If the site is geared towards cooking for example, it does not usually make sense to include an article about college loans and filling out forms. On the other hand, this same blog will do well to include information about growing fresh produce. Always know and understand the audience.

Post every day at least once and if possible more. Do not let the site die! How many people want to read the same book over and over again? There may be a few, but even these folks want to read something more than the same page every day. There is no faster way to kill a blog than to allow it to become stale. Keep it updated, fresh, and interesting.

Quality is certainly key. This does not necessarily mean that one must be the best in their field. It does mean they must be accurate, honest, and interesting. Let’s go back to the cooking site… Imagine the writer continually leaves important ingredients out of recipes. Most people do not have time or money to fool around with this. In fact, most will become angry and vow to NEVER return. Remember, word of mouth travels fast, especially online. Even if tempted do not “borrow” content from other web sites. First off, this is plagiarism and is illegal. Second, readers will recognize it and become bored. Keep it honest.

Blogging for business. This is a great idea. Unfortunately many spend a fortune on advertising and still miss the mark. For a fraction of the cost companies can have a regular, ongoing conversation all about them and their product or service. What could be better advertising than this? Give people the opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and compare notes with other customers. They will undoubtedly notice new products and services being offered. And they will keep coming back!

If photos are to be included make sure the quality is the best even if it requires having someone else take them. Nothing is more annoying than reading a post and wondering “what does that look like”, only to open the photo and it looks like the drawing of a four year old. Again, quality is important here. If photos are used, make sure they add to rather than detract from the content.

A web log is a terrific way to be creative, share information with family and friends, or to generate customers for a business. Remember, top quality, regular postings, and keeping it real are the best way to operate a potentially popular blog.

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  • Hi Jerry,

    Blogging is simple, and becomes quite easy as you stick with writing 1 post a day and network with successful bloggers. You find out what works, what doesn’t and shorten your learning curve by practicing writing, and networking.

    Make your blog super engaging. The more you connect with readers the more your readers spread the word, helping expand your presence.

    Excellent tips here. Add value each time you post. Post once a day. Blogging momentum builds and you eventually kill the idea of writer’s block. It’s not a possibility anymore, because you become so conditioned to churn out top shelf content through practice that you never run out of ideas.

    Focus on headlines. Write clever headlines that induce some curiosity. Get more clicks, gain more readers and grow your presence.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Jerry.