STOP The Home Business Failure Excuses

Are you tired of hearing the pitiful excuses from potential customers or potential business partners? I speak to people ALL the time that want to make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands of dollars a month but don’t even have a strong enough desire to take $25 a month and 30 minutes a day to create unlimited success in my business, or any other business for that matter.

I call and follow up with people all the time that say they have a desire to quit their job, get out of debt, create supplemental or replacement income, create residual income for their retirement plans, take vacations, buy a new car or house, or anything else they desire for a better life. The biggest excuse I run across ALL the time is that “I don’t have enough time or money or know how to start my own business”.

Most excuses are simply human reactions that prevent potentially great business owners from stepping out of their comfort zone and creating and income and lifestyle they will never create while working for someone else 40 plus hours a week. Human reaction, when being asked to take the next step of joining a business or purchasing a product or tool, is to come up with the first excuse that pops into their head and blurt it out so they don’t have to do anything that makes them uncomfortable.

For example; when you go to a store and a sales person comes up to you and simply asks if they can do anything to help you find what you are looking for in the store, do you not immediately think of a way out of using them to help you? Do you not automatically tell the sales person that “you are just looking”, or “no thank you”, or whatever other excuse pops into your head for not using their help to make your shopping experience easier? Then, after a few minutes, do you wonder why you did not use that sales person that was simply trying to make your shopping experience better?

I know I use to do this all the time and now I have people doing this to me when I call them and ask questions as to what they are looking to achieve and how I can show them a step-by-step plan to help. It is really sad that they do not even take the time or effort to even take the first step and watch a 23 minute video to take a look at how I can help. Then, they can make an informed decision on whether or not their excuse or human reaction is really what they want to stick with. or do they now see the value in how I can help them succeed.

There is a simple, affordable, duplicatable tool that you can now use to get rid of ALL the excuses you will ever hear from customers or potential business partners! One tool that is only $25 a month, has 100% commissions, and is so simple that anyone with any background at any age or experience, can start using immediately to start making money and creating huge success with as little as 30 minutes a day!

No more excuses for lack of time, money, experience, knowledge, etc. If your potential customer or business partner does not want to use this one tool, then you do not want them on your team! They simply do not have a strong enough desire to get off their ass and do something about their current personal or financial situation.

Discover one tool at Empower Marketing and Sales Tool that will help you create the desire you want by using and sharing this simple, affordable, duplicatable tool for yourself! Read more internet marketing and business building articles for your true home based business success.

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