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Marketing your internet business can be very difficult if you do not have the tools, training, and support to market your business effectively.

As many of you may know by now, I have been in network marketing for over 20 years.  Up until August of 2008 I only used the offline methods of handing out business cards, flyers, invitations to home and hotel meetings, e-mailed family and friends, and told everyone within 3 feet of me about my business opportunities.   These methods may be effective with people that you may already know and people that trust you but how long is that list and how many of those “warm market” people are looking for extra income or internet business?

The problem I had with offline marketing to my “warm market” was that the people I knew were not in the proper mindset of having an internet business.  The people I knew were raised the Robert Kiyosaki “Poor Dad” way of going to school, getting good grades then getting that great secure job that you can work at for 40 years and retire with 40% of what you are accustomed to making per month.

With this being the problem, I finally turned to the internet in August of 2008 to find a whole new world and a much better playing field for internet business marketing and online business building success.  What an incredible change.  I had a whole new outlook on life and home internet business marketing and online business building.

I found stuff all over the place when I looked up anything pertaining to online marketing, internet marketing, business building, advertising, lead generating, etc.  Wow, there was information everywhere.  The question I then faced was, “how do I put all these e-books, video trainings, courses, tools, and every bit of information together to start making any sense of all this stuff?”

I had a very hard and overwhelming time with what to do with all the information on the world-wide- web until I found a few internet marketing systems that had all the tools, training, courses, and support to show me step-by-step what to do to become an internet marketing professional.  The systems where put together for people just like me that were new to marketing internet businesses, inexperienced on the computer and internet, but had the dream desire and determination to become successful.  They were also put together for even the most expereinced internet marketing professionals to automate their businesses and marketing efforts to gain true time and financial freedom.  I now see how this works and I am startnig to see the results of the effort I have put into watching videos and learning how to internet matrket and this is what I want you to know that you can do as well.

Now, only a year later, I am much better and much more successful at internet marketing.  I not only build my business but I also help others build their businesses with the internet marketing systems that I use to generate hundreds of leads a month and a nice 5-figure income.

I would love to coach and mentor you in marketing your internet business in order to become successful a lot faster than I did so you do not have to struggle for the many years that I did.

You can become successful and you will become successful if you follow the step-by-step video tutorials in either of the two marketing systems I use.  They are user friendly and you will have strong support from me and the system creators if and when you might have any questions.

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I am here to help you succeed!

Jerry Vinson

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