Blogging For Money Without Knowing How To Blog

Each new day, thousands of people start blogs without knowing how to blog. A handful may eventually get the hang of it, and quite a few just make a post now and then to keep it alive. But the majority will simply give up and forget about blogs and blogging within the first month. If someone could show them a sure thing that offers blogging success right from Day 1, it would be the online equivalent of solid gold.

This online solid gold has a name, and that name is the Empower Network. Sign-up and the new member gets a ready-to-post weblog on an optimized blogging platform with a lot of bells and whistles. These are hosted blogs that have existing backlinks and are well trusted and ranked by the search engines. All the SEO work has been done already, and the member who takes over has existing visitors and sales from Day 1.

Normally, it will take a knowledgeable blogger at least 6 to 12 months to bring a website or weblog to this stage. Empower Network members get such a valuable blogging system precreated and ready for them to take over. Having traffic is one thing, and monetizing it is another. Empower Network again steps in here with pre-existing lead capture pages.

These are high conversion landing pages known to work well with the products being sold. Speaking of which, a normal affiliate program provides the referrer with at most 20-25% in sales commissions. But in this case, the blogger ends up with 100% of the sales commissions.

As soon as the blogging system is handed over to a new member, the referred sales start getting credited and the commissions get sent to the member’s bank account right away. This happens on Day 1, since the weblog has an active base of search traffic and the new member simply takes it over.

The requirements to get started aren’t that complex. Since members get to keep 100% of the commissions, they have to buy the products first. These are three products priced at $25, $100 and $500. In order to accept payments online from customers and transfer it to a bank account, every member has to open a merchant account.

The reality is that bloggers working on their own will take years to learn how to blog properly, cultivate visitors and get a sizable affiliate income. Also, there’s no guarantee that all the effort and time spent will ever provide success. With David Wood and Empower Network, there is no uncertainty, waiting period or effort involved.

Entrepreneurs, discover how the Empower viral blog marketing system can help increase your online business’s sales, today. You can find also information about the best Internet marketing system training blog on our site, now.

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