Best Article Marketing Tips

Are you trying to break into the world of article marketing but are afraid you don’t know how to write an article?  Do you not know how to start writing an article or think that you have writers block?

I had the same setbacks when I started writing articles and it only got easier as I wrote more articles! If I can do this, you can, too!!

Quick tips you can use to start writing articles today!:

1) Find things that you are passionate about. It is always more fun to write about what you love.

2) Find target markets for people who might want to read your articles. Read other articles or search your topics and see what people are looking for in your areas of interest.

3) Start your article off with a question or statement that is a problem or a concern or an interest to your target readers.

4) Show the readers that you can relate with them and that you have an answer for their interests, concerns, or questions.

5) Provide HUGE value to your article readers so they will want to read more of your great articles. Teach your readers something instead of trying to sell them on your “latest and greatest” products, services or business opportunity or they will not even finish reading your article.

6) At the end of your article, you can then direct them to take the next step towards discovering more about you, your articles, your products, your services, your business, etc. Give your readers the choice to read discover more instead of shove it down their throats in your articles.

7) Build relationships with your readers and they will appreciate what you have to share with them even more. Readers want to know that you care about them and that you are not just trying to make money off of them!

8 ) Leave ways for your readers to follow you or contact you for further questions, concerns, and information. It is always better when your readers have a way to contact you directly.  People do business with people, not computers.

9) Continue to provide as much information, help, and answers for your readers and they will become followers for life.

10) Do not simply try to get people to buy from you and/or join your business, or you will never have a following of readers who appreciate what you have to offer them. Again, nobody cares about you until they know you care about them.

Take these 10 steps and apply them to your articles and you will enjoy writing, help thousands of people, and build a following of very appreciative readers who will share your information with people they know.

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