6 Steps to Creating Your Internet Marketing and Business Building Success

Are you struggling to learn how to internet market? Do you already know about internet marketing but you cannot figure out why people are not joining your business when they go to your website? Are you driving traffic to your business website expecting people to trust you enough to join your “latest and greatest” opportunity out of the thousands that have “the best compensation plan ever”?

Don’t feel bad if you answered “yes” to any of the above questions. During the summer of 2009, I answered “yes” to every one of those questions! I was not only struggling to learn how to internet market, I didn’t know why people could not just go to my business website, watch the video, read all about the “awesome business opportunity” and “best compensation plan ever” and not want to join my business?

What I have learned from my internet marketing coaches and mentors since then is that there are 5 steps that need to go BEFORE you even get to the 6th step of telling anyone about your business opportunity or asking someone to purchase a product or service from you. This was news to me and I had to change my thinking BIG TIME!

The 6 Steps To Creating Your Internet Marketing And Business Building Success that will throw everything else you have been doing out the window:

1) Marketing – of course you have to market to get visitors to your website. How do you do this with a limited budget and limited time? What you want is for people to go to your website, directly from your marketing, but not your business website! They need to first go to a website to get to know you and give you permission to tell them about what you have to offer! Keep reading and you will find out how to do this!

2) Lead Generation – Building a List is one of the most important steps. Don’t just send people from your marketing straight to your business site. You must first have a capture page where someone can opt in for more valuable information and training from you. This is how you get permission to tell someone what you have to offer.

3) Relationships and good follow up – you must build a relationship with people on the internet by consistent follow up to build trust. You do this with an auto-responder that send FREE and valuable information to your list.

4) Up Front Retail – people love to purchase information, training, and resources to help them succeed. If you have affiliate programs to offer people valuable information and training, you not only help the people on your list but you pay for your marketing and business building. You may have seen this called a “self funded proposal” or “monetizing” your list. You actually make money when people opt in to your information. What a concept!

5) Leadership – as you learn to internet market, you need to brand YOU as an internet marketing leader and someone that you would go to if you needed help or wanted to purchase a product or service. This is what makes YOU stand out among the millions of people trying to build businesses on the internet. People join people, not opportunities!

6) Back End Residual – Finally, to your business they will go! By this time these people know YOU, trust YOU and will have a much greater chance of joining YOU.

These 6 steps will help you generate HUNDREDS of leads a month and a nice 5-figure monthly income BEFORE someone even looks at your business opportunity!

Follow these 6 steps or you will continue to struggle with spending time and money on marketing with little income or business building success from your efforts.

STOP STRUGGLING to learn how to internet market, generate endless FREE leads, earn a 5-figure monthly income, and become a top producer in your company. Sign up for more FREE internet marketing training at the best internet marketing system. You will see step by step how to follow these 6 steps to Creating Your Internet Marketing And Business Building Success! Read more articles on personal, financial and business building success “secrets”. Follow the proven steps to success in these articles and you will succeed in every area of your life!

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