6 Internet Marketing Essentials You Must Know to Make Money Online

6 Internet Marketing Essentials 

You Must Know to Make Money Online


Internet Marketing Essentials You Must Know

Internet Marketing Essentials You Must Know

Are you a part of the 98% in internet marketing who struggles?  Do you struggle from too much information or the overwhelming and distracting tips, tools, trainings, etc.?

You are not alone!  I struggled for 4 years on the internet to generate enough traffic, leads, and sales to even break even from the cost of the memberships and marketing each month.  I was sick and tired of buying things that did not work for me, no matter how much time and effort I put into trying my best to make these things work.

If you struggle with any of these Internet Marketing Essentials, you will find it very difficult to generate the traffic, leads, follow ups and sales that you need to make to reach your income and lifestyle goals.

I was just watching a few more videos this morning when I was painfully reminded of what I was
struggling with over the last 4 years to try to make more internet income with a lot less frustration and expenses.


6 Internet Marketing Essentials

You Must Know to Make Money Online

1) You must have traffic.

This could be through SEO, PPC, Solo Ads, Social Media, e-mail marketing, video marketing, etc. You must have people on your business website LOOKING at what YOU have to offer.

2) You must create leads.

This is done through a capture form that gives people looking at your website a way to opt in for more information before they leave the website.  Most websites are full of distracting information but never give someone an option to simply opt-in to receive more information by e-mail.

3) You must have a way to follow up with your leads.

You can do this through manually e-mails, phone calls, 3-way calls, send them information in the mail, etc.  Most people do not have enough time to consistently follow up with leads every day or every few days.

4) You must make sales.

You must be able to make sales to generate income.  Sounds simple, BUT, if you are not a sales person, don’t like asking for money, or don’t like speaking with people, you better have a better way of creating sales or everything you have done to generate traffic, leads, and follow ups has been a waste of your time and effort.

5) You must have a method for TEAM Building.

This is where I struggled the most.  I could make a few sales a month, generate a half way descent income for myself, but I could NEVER get people on my team to create results for themselves. This is very frustrating,  I tried team webinars, conference calls, 3-way calls, videos, etc. but still had little to no success in helping my team.

6) You must get paid well for the sales you do make. 

Why are we here?  To make money, right?  Well, if you struggle to make sales and when you do make a sell, the commission is not even enough to pay for your monthly membership or marketing, then you are surely not making enough to create the lifestyle you desire.  If you had a professional sales page and videos doing the sales for you, your conversions from leads to sales would improve dramatically.

Did you know that, In Network Marketing, 98% of people have never even generated 5 leads. 

Did you know that the “gurus” that tell you that “you can generate hundreds of leads a day” actually pay a minimum of $12,000 a month to generate enough leads to convert to sales and make over $50,000 a month?  This is why, from October 2008 through October 2011, I spent over $2,300 a month and more to make close to $10,000 a month and only made $10,000 a month twice in that 3 year period of time.


How to Apply The Internet Marketing Essentials that
you must know to make money online

Internet Marketing Essentials You Must Know

Internet Marketing Essentials You Must Know

TODAY….I work smarter, follow proven steps that anyone can follow, have a lot more time to spend with my family and church and volunteer fire department, AND I am a lot more successful than I was when I was struggling, paying over $2,300 a month in paid traffic, and wondering why I could not duplicate my struggling success.

If you have not taken 29 minutes to watch this video that showed me, in October of 2011, how to quit struggling, how to start taking focused steps with a proven plan, and start creating the success you desire and deserve, then GO WATCH THE VIDEO NOW

GO WATCH THE VIDEO NOW and You will immediately see how you can start generating traffic, leads, automated follow ups, and sales by using ONE SYSTEM that can do all of this for you!!

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