3 Step FREE Lead Generation Marketing Plan

Are you tired of paying for traffic to your websites, or paying for leads that do nothing but waste your time or money?  Have you thought about generating highly targeted leads for FREE?  Would you like to see a step-by-step plan for generating free highly targeted leads for your business building success?

98% of business owners struggle to generate traffic and leads to their websites, especially when they have to pay so much time and money to receive the leads.  How much time and money do you have to spend on generating traffic and leads to your websites?

Most business owners don’t have much time or money to generate leads.  The problem is that most business owners also spend so much time and money on generating leads that they don’t have much time to even follow up with the leads that are finally generated.

Here is a 3 step, step-by-step marketing plan to generate 5-10 HIGH-QUALITY leads a day for only 30 minutes to one hour a day: 

1) Target highly qualified buying leads for your business, product or services using a keyword tool.

2)  Use a blog to share valuable content to attract customers and potential business partners.

3) Use multiple marketing methods to generate traffic to your blog content

1) First, you need to use a tool like Market Samurai to target highly profitable keywords that will make you money, or you are wasting your tie and money generating worthless leads, no matter how many leads you generate. 99% of business owners rush to start sharing their business or products without having a marketing plan in place.

When these business owners do finally generate traffic to their websites and start to generate a lead or two a day, they generate worthless leads that do not buy anything or join their business because the leads they do generate are leads that are not highly targeted for what the business owner has to offer.  Market Samurai was created to save you time, money, and struggles in locating keywords that will target your business and create your business building success.

2) Once you have a few quality keywords, you need to have your own personalized blog to write articles and create videos with high value and content for readers to learn from you about your particular business topics. For example; If you are selling a product, or have a business, that helps with providing energy, provide articles and videos that teach how the body needs energy, how energy in the body is produced, what increased energy can do for you, and any other content that can teach why your product or business can improve people’s lives.  This valuable content will attract potential customers and business partners to you and allow you to stand out from the competition.

The best place to write articles and create videos is by blogging.  Blogs allow you to create any content that you desire and allow people to get to know who you are and why they should purchase products from you or join your business through you, instead of anyone else in your industry.  Blogging can be very difficult if you have to create your own blog, host your own blog, ad plug-ins and SEO ranking, market your blog content, and the rest of the list of tasks required to run your own blog.

Instead of taking the time and frustration of setting up your own blog, you can have your own blog created for you for only $25 a month at the Empower Blog Marketing and Sales Tool.  This tool allows you to immediately have your own blog, start writing immediately, then have experts market your articles or videos from your blog for you.

3) If you do not know how to create articles and videos that will generate valuable content for your potential customers and business associates, you can use MyLeadSystemPRO to “Conquer the Internet” by watching step-by-step training videos on how to create blog content with videos and articles and how to blast them to multiple article and video websites with the push of one button.  Know how to internet market in multiple areas is vitally important to your business building success.

If you use Market Samurai, the Empower Blog Marketing and Sales Tool, and MyLeadSystemPRO, you will have 3 internet marketing and business building tools to follow this marketing plan.  You will be able to use multiple marketing methods to generate an endless number of highly targeted leads for FREE and be able to finally stop having to buy or generate worthless leads that have no interest of buying from you or joining your business.   Read more internet marketing training system articles and discover more ways to use tools to generate endless traffic for your business building success.

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