The Perfect Marketing and Sales Funnel for YOUR Business

How have you been doing in your home business?  Are you generating the leads and sales required to create a $10,000 per month income?  What are you doing to generate highly targeted leads and new business associates for your home business?

Most people don’t even know what is needed to create the PERFECT Sales Funnel for their business. The main problem is that most companies don’t provide the sales funnels and training to help their associates duplicate real success like the leaders of their company that they promote!

What exactly is needed to create the PERFECT sales funnel, you ask?  Great question!

First, you must have a system that is so easy to set up that ANYONE, at ANY AGE, with ANY amount of computer skills, with ANY background, can set up the system within a few minutes. All you should need is to add your name and primary contact information, along with a link or two to your primary business website and be done.

Second, the system must do the telling and selling for you so you can have free time speaking with people to develop real relationships, and not just trying to explain your business all day every day to only a few people at a time.  Who has time to talk to more than a few people if it takes 30 minutes per call to try to explain something over the phone and answer all the questions?

Third, the system must have step-by-step training on videos so a new member can see and hear what they need to do on a few easily duplicable offline and online marketing strategies. Members should have at least a few marketing strategies to choose from and be able to implement these strategies themselves to create similar results as the top producers in their industry.  There are too many systems out there that have top income producers doing more than what they are sharing with members and therefore, the members are not creating the same results.  NOT cool!

Fourth, the system needs to be affordable AND be able to create income for sharing the system with others.  Members of the system should be able to afford the system, then be able to share the system with their down-line so the system is paid for after a few members start using the system for themselves.  This way, everyone is able to use the system, duplicate success, and create a nice income for everyone, regardless of what primary business is being promoted in the system.

The top earners use systems to generate leads, follow up with potential business partners and build businesses like professionals, and you can, too!  Using a marketing and sales system will change the way you do business and greatly improve your success as a home business owner!

If you would like to use a simple, affordable, duplicable, marketing and sales system for you and your team, while also generating $600 – $1,000 per member that uses the system, go watch the Perfect Business Marketing and Sales System Webinar and call me as soon as you are done!   Read more Internet Marketing System Articles for your business building success!

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