Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” MLM Business Review

Founded in 1998, from the kitchen table of the president and founder, Tom Danley, Tom Danley’s “Tape of the Month” started as a personal growth, self-help, mentoring program on cassette tapes. As cassette tapes faded out and CD’s started to come into play, Tom Danley changed the name from “Tape of the Month” to “Message of the Month” and has become a very successful personal and financial growth mentoring program now offered on monthly CD’s.

When Tom Danley launched Tom Danley’s “Tape of the Month”, he combined the multi-million-dollar industry of self-help and personal growth with the multi-million-dollar industry of multi-level-marketing.  He did this to give the average ordinary person the ability not only to grow in their thinking but to grow in their pocket books as well.

Founder: Tom Danley

Tom Danley was a long time speaker for the well known Dale Carnegie, author of “How To Win Friends and Influence People”.  Tom Danley now lives in the bed and breakfast capital of Texas, Jefferson Texas, with his lovely wife Jackie.

Business: “Message of the Month”

Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” offers personal growth products and motivational audio training designed to help subscribers take the necessary steps towards a debt-free and financially secure lifestyle. As a subscriber, the cost is $25 a month to receive a new CD message and newsletter with very valuable information and training that is well worth the $25 a month.  The training that you will receive is the training that people spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to receive at those fancy weekend conferences where people get all excited and motivated for a day or two and then go back home to their normal routines of paycheck to paycheck living.  With Tom Danley’s coaching and mentoring you will learn how to actually apply the necessary steps towards success in your daily living so you can create a lifestyle change needed to help you accomplish your greatest personal, spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial goals.  The CD’s are also great because you can play them over and over and you can share them with people you care about enough to want to help them improve their lives as well.

Business Opportunity:

If you would like to use Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” as a business opportunity, you can become a paid distributor. When you join simply pay an additional $10 the first month ($35 total) then the regular $25 monthly subscription fee.  With the additional $10 the first month you will receive your own distributor number, and a business start up kit to help you build your new business. The business start up kit comes with a sample “Message of the Month”, your first month’s subscriber CD message, a personal message from Ton Danley and Vice-President, Danny Pollard, along with some marketing materials and simple instructions on how to market your new business.  There are nightly conference calls, along with one on Saturday mornings, to help you learn more about the program as well as use to introduce new prospects to the program.  The calls are designed for you to have new prospects listen to in order to allow the speakers to introduce the opportunity to prospects for you.

In Conclusion:

If you are looking for priceless information to help you learn how to become successful in accomplishing your greatest goals, Tom Danley’s coaching and mentoring for success will help you achieve anything that you have a strong enough dream, desire and determination to accomplish.

If you would also like to earn a very nice income as a home-business owner and entrepreneur, then you can also join as a distributor for an extra $10 start-up cost and get paid to share this program with others.

I hope this review of Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” has helped you make an informed decision about joining this SAFE (Simple, Affordable, Faith-based, Equal) opportunity.  Read my articles on Personal and Financial Success “Secrets” to give you an idea of what you will learn from Tom Danley, the self-made millionaire himself, when you subscribe to his audio CD personal and financial growth mentoring program.  Listening to his monthly messages and daily training calls will give you a lot more than just reading my articles, so do yourself and favor and subscribe to Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” program!  Read reviews on other internet business opportunities to help you choose the best opportunity for you.

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  • Jvinson2

    Tom Danley’s Message of the Month will become a NEW program in mid January!
    I will keep you posted as to the changes!

  • Me

    what happened to Tom Danley’s website?