The American Gold Reserve MLM Business Review

The American Gold Reserve

MLM Business Opportunity Review

Business is all about strategies and management. A business with a good manager who has skills is always successful. The American Gold Reserve MLM Business review proves this to be a fact and not just a theory. The American Gold Reserve (AGR) is a Multilevel Marketing firm. The organization is very successful and sells one of most valuable stones in the world. Necessary and helpful information is provided to customers and other interested parties apart from the organization offering high quality products and services.

The firm sells pure gold and silver products and these products are manufactured by their sister company. Their products contain 99.9999 pureness levels. The gold that is of the flag series is packed in bars and rounds and is available in different sizes and shapes. The founding feather series silver is also found in different sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. The silver is available in rounds and also in different sizes.

The aim of the American Gold Reserve

MLM Business Opportunity

The main aim of the firm is to make the above mentioned products available to many and at very low prices. This is successful achieved through a member recruiting scheme. For a member to be as successful as the organization there is need for a good research and marketing strategy.

The role of members is to distribute and sell the products of the enterprise. Through their sales the members ear their payment. This is due to the fact that the enterprise does not have a permanent pay scheme in place to pay members.

There two ways the firms enroll the members. People get their membership by either buying the firms product and them directing another new buyer or buy bringing two new buyers after getting a membership card.

Members get to decide where and hoe to sell the products and even have the liberty to hire a team to assist in marketing and selling. The member who hires a team is the head of the team for the company does not control the strategies used by members. The organization uses the 3X9 matrix compensation plan to pay members. These plans are divided into four different payment systems. These pans are sales controlled and depend fully on the sales made by members.

The American Gold Reserve MLM Business review has four paying schemes include the reserve bonus pools. In this payment plan a person earns bonus from the retail sales made. In the second plan the member is paid according to the sales sold in terms of retail. The third plan is a 3X9 matrix. A member earns payment from the matrix overrides and the last plan a member gets payment from the sales made by the hired team.

So, there you go, an unbiased review of the American Gold Reserve MLM Business Opportunity

Build Your Business While Having a Life

Build Your Business While Having a Life

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