9 Free Steps to Weight Loss Success

9 Free Steps to

Weight Loss Success


Free Steps to Weight Loss Success

Free Steps to Weight Loss Success

It’s overwhelming to have a huge weight loss goal, but you can achieve it if you start the right way, and don’t make drastic changes that you cannot continue. Slow down, take a deep breath, and set yourself up for success with these simple steps.

1) Set Achievable Goals

What’s your overall weight loss goal, and by what date do you want to accomplish it? If you want to lose a few pounds you might only need two weeks or so to reach that goal, but if you’re looking to lose a lot of weight you might have a long road ahead of you. To stay focused, set short term milestones that you can work towards, as opposed to only the end result that you desire. Your goals could be a smaller target weight, a few minutes spent walking, miles walked or run in a week, or cutting back on the amount of normal junk food consumed.

2) Know What Your Caloric Intake Should Be

Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume. You can start by eating lower calorie foods and/or less food, and by increasing your activity level. Aim for a healthy rate of about two pounds per week.

3) Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

Planning your meals and shopping for everything you need ahead of time removes the stress of having to throw together a last minute meal, or getting fast food full of calories. You can start by just planning your meals through Wednesday, and slowly increase the number of days you cook. Also, take your leftovers from these healthier meals as lunches throughout the week. This will save you hundreds of dollars and calories every week!

4) Keep Up with the Amount of Food You Eat

Knowing what, and how much, you eat will reveal your good and bad habits. As soon as you start seeing things you can change, the better. Showing yourself everything you’re eating will help hold yourself accountable to your goals. Record what you eat every day.

5) Eat the Right Portions of Foods

One of the most straightforward ways to cut calories is to cut quantity: After all, half the portion equals half the amount of calories. When you’re eating at a restaurant, divide your food in half and take a 10-minute break from eating. You may find that you’re not hungry any more, and your can take the remaining half home for another satisfying meal. Also, eat on a smaller plate to make it trick your mind into thinking you are eating more.

6) Remove any Barriers to Your Success

Often times we make unhealthy decisions based on convenience. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead and preparing. Think about what’s holding you back: Proper shoes? Bring an extra pair to work to walk at lunch. Craving snacks? Keep a fresh fruit bowl on your desk instead of a candy dish. Don’t let availability or convenience be what holds you back

7) Drink Plenty of Water

Like your garden, your body just operates better when you’re well hydrated. Drinking water can also help curve your appetite. Keep a water bottle or glass with you at work so that you can easily reach for it instead of snacks. Walking to refill your water bottle adds more active movement to your day than just sitting at your desk for hours.

8) Set Time Aside for Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to killing yourself at the gym trying the latest fitness craze. One of the best thing you can do to start an exercise routine is just to walk. If the American Heart Association’s recommended 30 minutes a day of walking most days of the week is too much for you, start small with just five minutes, and gradually work your way up.

Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss Success

9) Reward Your Successes as You Achieve Your Goals

The best thing about setting achievable goals for yourself is that you can actually achieve them. As you reach the short term milestones in your weight loss plan, take the time to pat yourself on the back. Your reward can be as simple as telling others about it on Facebook or my favorite, eating a bowl of ice cream, or it can be as fun and expensive as buying yourself new clothes or going on a getaway with family or friends. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and deserve to enjoy the moment.

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