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Me and My Beautiful Wife, Jennifer, At m3 Private Wealth Conference with Wealth Masters International

Me and My Beautiful Wife, Jennifer, At m3 Private Wealth Conference with Wealth Masters International

Hello, and welcome to my informational blog that is designed to help you get to know me a little better and to help you have a place to go for all the information and training that I have found, and have been using, since August of 2008 to build my businesses on the internet.

If you do not know me already, I have only been on the internet as a marketer since August of 2008.  Before that time I was in the home-business and MLM or Network Marketing arena for 19 years and struggled every month just to try to break even on monthly expenses of having my “latest and greatest”  business opportunity.

Finally, last year, after years of struggling trying to build a business offline the old-fashioned way of bugging family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church members, and anyone else within 3 feet of me, I turned to the internet for answers.

Thankfully, since August of 2008, I have learned more and earned more than I did in the previous 19 years.  This is all thanks to God, my wife, my family and to the two different automated internet marketing systems  that I found in my search for the answers to building my businesses on the internet.

For those looking for a business opportunity, or for those SERIOUS about building their present opportunity, the best internet marketing system I have found i s a system that can actually be used as a business opportunity as well.  With great commissions and internet marketing training to build any business, you can achieve huge success in your own business or use this system at your primary business.

Pictured above right is me and my wife. Our Primary Home Business is the system and primary business I have to help struggling marketers and business builders build their business and FINALLY start earning more than 90% of internet marketers and direct sales business builders.

For those that already have a business and are wanting to learn how to market on the internet like the top earners in the industry are doing, the best internet marketing system can help anyone, in any business, build their business on the internet through simple, video-based, tutorials and training on multiple FREE internet marketing methods!  This system also has affiliate programs built in that generate over $1,000 a month within 2 months PLUS the system itself is an affiliate program that generates a very nice monthly residual income that grows every month.

These two programs have changed the way I do business and turned my years of struggle into success.

I hope to help everyone succeed in their business opportunities so they do not have to go through the stress, frustration, and multiple failures that I had to go through for 19 years.  I want to share everything I have learned with those that are wanting to learn how to become successful in building their business on the internet.  On this blog I will have tips, training, tools, articles, videos, website links, and anything else I can find to help you learn and grow as an internet marketing professional.

Here to help you succeed!

Jerry Vinson

Cell: (903) 253-7210 CST

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