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What is an Automated Internet Marketing System?

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Hello fellow entrepreneurs and internet marketers,

Are you overwhelmed with all of the internet marketing training, tools and tips that you have found while researching the internet? Are you trying to find a way to put all of the information together to actually make it work for you and your business?

If you said “yes” to either of the above questions, you are exactly where I was in August of 2008. This article will help you learn exactly what it takes to help you get up and running on the internet as easy and quickly as possible.

The best internet marketing system has everything you need in one place with all the step by step training you need to learn how to put the system together in a few days. Plus, the best internet marketing system will have all of the step by step training you need in order to learn how to use “attraction marketing” for branding yourself as a leader and for building your business.

The first thing you need in order to have a system is to have a web page. Instead of learning HTML and all the programming needed for designing a web page, a system has all that in place for you so you only have to pick a theme that you like and fill in the blanks with your personal information. That’s it, your done!

In order to market on the internet you will also need a domain name that you purchase for about $10 at a site like This domain name is what you will use in your internet marketing methods to drive traffic to your website.

The next thing you will need, in order to automate your internet marketing system, is an autoresponder that automatically sends out e-mails to your leads every few days in order to provide valuable information for your prospects and keep in touch with your prospects. This is the most important part of your automated, “attraction marketing”, system!

Another very important part of your system is providing value to your leads or prospects. This is done through valuable internet marketing training that your leads can use to better themselves as internet marketers and business builders and business owners. This is done with affiliate programs that not only help your prospects improve themselves personally and financially but also helps you set up multiple income streams while you are building your business. You can make thousands of dollars a month from these valuable affiliate programs before anyone even looks at your primary business opportunity.

The last, but not least, part of setting up a good internet marketing system is being able to place your primary business(es) directly into the system so the system does the work of automated recruiting for you, while you are spending valuable time with your family or friends. This is also how you avoid having to share your opportunities with people around you that are not looking for opportunities.

Now that you know how to set up an internet marketing system, you need to know how to internet market so you can generate hundreds of leads a month and a 5-figure income from affiliate programs while you build your business on autopilot.

The best internet marketing system has all the step by step video training needed to show you exactly what the top earners in the industry are doing to generate around 100 leads a day for FREE! They will be able to show you how to use list building, videos, articles, press releases, social marketing, blogging, forums, classified ads, and more. The video training should be easy enough for anyone with any background to use and learn how to duplicate what the leaders are doing.

Before using an automated internet marketing system I struggled for 19 years to build a business. Now I generate hundreds of leads a month and a nice monthly income that anyone can learn how to duplicate!

Go to the best internet marketing system to sign up for the internet marketing training that will show you exactly what you need to do to set up an incredible automated internet marketing system for yourself and your business building success.  MLMLeadSystemPRO is the automated internet marketing system thousands of business builders use to generate hundreds of leads a month and a 5-figure monthly income.

Success “Secrets” – “4 Steps To Success”

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

The first step to success is dream.  According to my mentor, “Every great accomplishment in life started with no more than a dream.”  The question is, “what will you do with your dream?”  You must develop a positive attitude and believe in yourself so you can reach your dreams.  Go after your dream with a passion.

The second step to success is belief.  Your belief will determine your destiny and your ability to achieve your greatest dreams.  Lack of belief in one’s ability to accomplish goals is one of the most common causes of failure in accomplishing dreams or goals.  Without belief, it is easy for someone to get derailed from their path towards success in achieving dreams.  Do you believe in yourself and in your heart that you can accomplish your greatest goals?

The third step in success is act.  When you have a dream and belief, you must then take action to make your dreams come true.  Turn your dream into a plan as I discussed in my article on Success Secrets – Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions.  Once you have a plan, take consistent and persistent action and avoid procrastination.  Do you want to build a successful business?  Then get started and take the necessary daily steps to succeed!  “You must occasionally get out of your comfort zone if you truly want to enter the success zone and live the life of your dreams.”  Make yourself do what you know you should be doing even if you don’t feel like doing it at the time!

The fourth step to success is NEVER QUIT.  As Napoleon Hill stated in his best seller, Think and Grow Rich, “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”  Napoleon Hill gives an example of a miner that quit just 3 feet short of the largest gold strike in history.  This miner quit and sold the mine to someone else and that someone struck gold immediately.  

Most success stories come after many attempts and failures.  If you use failure as a way to grow, it is just one more step towards success!  As Colonel Sanders “failed” at finding someone to try his chicken recipe after asking over 1,000 people, it just took that one person to give it a try and create what is now Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Thank God Colonel Sanders didn’t take his first 1,000 rejections as failures!  He simply took each rejection as being one person closer to finding someone that would try his recipe.

If you apply these 4 steps to success towards any and every area of your life, you will succeed!  If you are building a business, do not take “no” as a rejection or failure.  Turn it around and take it as a fact that you have successfully weeded out one more tire kicker on your way to finding the next person to join you in your business.  As the rule goes for most, out of 100 people you ask to join you in your business, usually only 3 or 4 will say yes.  Therefore, the more rejections you receive, the more likely you are to succeed at finding people to join you!  The next person you ask to join you just might be the best person you will ever have work with you to build an incredible business!

These personal and financial success “secrets” will change your life for the better by helping you become successful in every area of your life IF you apply these steps to your life.  To learn more, read my other articles on personal and financial success “secrets”, Tom Danley’s Message of the Month Review and subscribe to my millionaire mentor’s program called Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” to receive these success “secrets” on audio CDs that you can listen to time and time again!

Success “Secrets” – Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Do you make New Year’s resolutions or goals and never seem to be able to accomplish them?  Just like the beginning of every year, millions of people every year have good intentions to better their lives.

One of my favorite lessons that I receive from my long time mentor every November, is a clear and specific way to accomplish my New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year.

The best part of this lesson is that he reminds me that there are no “secrets” to success.  “Success in life really is so simple.  It simply takes a solid plan, consistent and persistent action, and patience.  95%ers that fail lack patience.”  He sure makes it sound a lot easier than I think it is!

Let’s now go through an example of how my mentor helps me accomplish my New Year’s resolutions so you can use the same process to apply towards your personal and financial goals.

First: you must imagine your life on December 31st of the upcoming year.  Example – as it is 2009 right now, imagine the day of December 31st, 2010.  What do you want to accomplish by December 31st, 2010?  You must first come up with goals and you can do this by reading my other article on Success Secrets – The 3 D’s of Success.

Once you have a goal in mind: You now know what your December 31st, 2010 goal looks like in your mind.  The next step is to break down the year into segments so we can break it down to the exact steps that you need to do every day or week or month to assure that you accomplish your December 31st, 2010 goal.  Let’s use the very common goal of losing weight.  Imagine what you look like and feel like after losing 50 pounds.  Now, let’s figure out what needs to be done to get there by December 31st, 2010!

First, if you want to lose 50 pounds by December 31st, 2010 you must lose 25 pounds by June 30th, 2010, which is an approximate half way to December 31st, 2010.  If you have to lose 25 pounds by June 30th, 2010 then you must lose 12.5 pounds by March 31st, 2010.  If you have to lose 12.5 pounds by March 31st, 2010 you need to lose around six pounds by February 15th, 2010.  You can now figure out that if you need to lose six pounds in this 45 day period, you need to lose four pounds by January 31st, 2010. This is one pound per week.

Now that you know you must lose one pound a week, what are you going to do to every day to lose this one pound per week?  This is where you determine how you want to achieve this loss of one pound per week.  There are many ways of losing weight.  You need to find the methods you can stick to and just do not quit!

You can use this same process of breaking down the year by working your way back from December 31st of any year with any goal to determine what you need to accomplish every day or week to get where you need to be in one year, 5 years, 10years, etc.

When you break it down to the daily or weekly requirements it often makes the overall goal or New Year’s resolution not seem as hard to accomplish as one might think.  It seems much more likely to lose a pound per week than it does to drop 50 pounds.

Create your goals and break down what you need to do every day or week to accomplish them.  Work at it consistently and persistently and you will have a much greater chance of success than 95% of the people that fail!

If you appreciated the information in this article, you can read my other articles on Personal and Financial Success “Secrets”. My self-made millionaire mentor, coach and friend for 10 years has been Tom Danley.  Read my article on Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” Review and go to Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” and subscribe to his audio personal and financial success mentoring and coaching program.

Success “Secrets” – The “3 D’s Of Success”

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Do you ever wonder why some people are so successful at almost everything they attempt while others seem to struggle to succeed at anything?

I was very fortunate to meet a success coach and mentor over 10 years ago.  He is a self-made millionaire that has taught me, and thousands of others, how to succeed in every area of life through the success “secrets” and principles he has shared over the last 30 years.

One of the first lessons my mentor shared with me was the fact that truly successful people had to first change their way of thinking.  Most people do not have financial growth before they have personal growth. Personal growth starts with changing your way of thinking.  Those that have financial growth before personal growth are usually the ones who lose all their money or the ones that are unhappy, no matter how much money they have.   The people that are happy, with or without money, are the ones who have the priceless personal and spiritual growth along with positive thinking.

One of the very first things my mentor actually recommended that I do, for both personal growth and financial growth, was to read Robert Kiyosaki’s book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” This very popular, best seller, along with my mentor’s lessons, headed me in the right direction towards success by changing my way of thinking and growing personally.   I would strongly recommend that everyone purchase this book online or at their local bookstore! It teaches you how to go from working for someone else for your money to having your money actually work for you!

The other step my mentor had me take for success, while reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book, was to come up with my “3 D’s of Success”.

What are the “3 D’s of Success”, you ask?

The first of the 3 D’s is to have a Dream. In order to become successful, you must first have a dream.  Most people actually daydream or imagine the things that they would like to have or do or accomplish but don’t ever come up with enough details about their dreams to be able to see them, smell them, feel them, hear them, taste them, etc.  These dreams need to be so real that you can imagine yourself already having achieved them.

The second of the 3 D’s is Desire. If you have a strong enough desire, you will do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.  How bad do you want to succeed at your dreams?  Are you willing to take the necessary steps every day or week or month or year to accomplish your dreams?

The third of the 3 D’s is Determination. Most people, especially at the beginning of every year, come up with some really great New Year’s Resolutions, but most of the time these same people are told that their dreams or goals or New Year’s Resolutions are impossible dreams so they are discouraged.  When you develop a vivid, strong, real dream for yourself, you will develop a strong enough determination not to let anyone or anything get in your way of accomplishing your greatest dreams, goals or New Year’s Resolutions.

There have been many hundreds of incredible dreams that truly amazing people in history have accomplished that has created who we are today!  Think of incredible people that you know from present or past that have done incredible things.  Now, think of any dreams that you might have.  I bet you can make them happen, if you have a strong enough dream, desire and determination to make them happen!

If you appreciated the information in this article, you can read my other articles on Personal and Financial Success “Secrets”. My self-made millionaire mentor, coach and friend for 10 years has been Tom Danley. Read my article on Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” Review and go to Tom Danley’s “Message of the Month” and subscribe to his audio personal and financial success mentoring and coaching program.